FoodSwitch Scans Bar Codes For Nutrition Data

iOS: Packaged foods include nutritional information such as fat and salt levels, but it's often in tiny print that's hard to read. FoodSwitch lets you scan the barcode on groceries using your iPhone camera and then displays key nutritional data on screen.

The big advantage this app (developed by health insurance provider Bupa) has over similar rivals is that it covers Australian products. The developers claim more than 20,000 supermarket foods are included. Each lists total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content. In some cases, it will also suggest a healthier alternative from the same category — a useful way to improve your diet. You can also use the app to keep shopping lists of your preferred products.

Right now, the app is iOS-only, but an Android version is in the works.

FoodSwitch [iTunes App Store]


    Just tried out the app on some product from South Africa to test what happens if it doesn't know something. It asks you submit 2 photos of the product; 1 of front of packaging and the second of the nutritional information panel. All done in app and very very simple and quick

    It's free!

    a calorie counter would be awesome with this.

    if only..

      illogical - check out My Fitness Pal, calorie counter and bar code scanner

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