Fix The iMessage iPhone-To-Android Bug

Fix The iMessage iPhone-To-Android Bug

If you switched from the iPhone to an Android phone, you may have noticed a bug where people who previously were sending you iMessages can’t anymore. There’s a quick solution to this bug, however, so you can un-trap your messages.TechCrunch reports that the bug is apparently is due to the iMessage system not deactivating the service after you switch your phone number to the other device. Apple user Alphonsusjude, however, found this fix seems to work:

If you’ve encountered this bug, give this solution a try and let us know how it works for you.

[via TechCrunch]


  • I Tried this a couple of weeks ago – it worked initially but after turning on my iPhone out of curiosity i found that i had a few iMessages that appeared as soon as i connected it to the wifi. So it kind of worked but kind of didnt… i checked my apple account again and it has definitely not registered anymore.

  • switched to samsung galaxy s2 and and tried above fix but still don’t receive texts from friends with iphone because their phones keep sending it as imessages

  • I couldnt get the above fix to work cause of some error. I pulled my old iphone back out of the draw and went to settings>messages and turned imessage off. Now I get all my messages from iphone friends but with a 3-5min delay. I think what happens now is it tries to send imessages to my phone, fails cause i disabled it (which also seems to disable my account from imessages just like the above solution), once it fails it then sends through to my android as a normal sms. This solution only works if you have your old phone (dont worry you dont need a sim card in it, just need a wifi connection), and it also doesnt completely solve it as theres a delay…

  • Have just changed and have the same problem. I disabled iMessage on the old phone but still get a big delay and who knows what I am not receiving. Surely this can be fixed?

  • Same problem here, went from a 3gs to a droid razr. imessage was disable before i changed phone but a few of my friends are unable to sms me as their phones default to sending me an imessage everytime.

    Poor effort on apples part, they are essentially saying they own the rights to sms that phone. It’s incredibly irritating

  • Alright…found two ways…you can go to your apple account and unregister the iphone you switched and sometimes this works…if it doesn’t here is step number 2. Take Sim card out of your new android phone and put it in your old iphone…now go into settings/messaging…turn off imessage…turn on SMS messaging. now take sim card out and put it back into android phone…wahla!!!!
    It works…for those of you who do not know how to open sim card slot in iPhone….simple…take a paper clip and push it in the little hole…. for those of you who gave away your iphone….borrow one…you need at least an iphone 4 to do this.

    Hope this help…appreciate any feedback to make sure fix is working.

    • Hi. So I did the first method, which didn’t work. Then I emailed google about the problem (I have the nexus 5 after switching from iPhone 4), and tech support suggest a few things, one of which was going to the iMessage app on my macbook air and disabling the iMessage feature for my phone number, which I did, which also did nothing. I sold my iPhone back so I can’t switch SIMs unfortunately. I noticed that if the iPhone user turns of HIS/HER iMessage, I will receive all messages, but convincing all my friends to do so is a bit difficult. I’m not sure if the iPhone contact function will work or not, but I’m gonna give it a shot, with iMessage on. I’m curious tho, does listing a phone number under “iPhone” make a difference, or is it just apple’s way of securing some form of phone monopoly and keeping their brand out there?

  • I switched to Android a couple of weeks ago and didn’t know I wasn’t receiving texts from my iPhone-using friends and contacts until today. I unregistered my iPhone and turned iMessage off on all my other devices however it still doesn’t work.
    Any other ideas?

    • I did what Patrick said to do and it worked after everything else failed! Put your android sim card into the iphone and switch off the imessage in settings. All my iphone friends can text me now.

  • It’s not you, your friends have “send as sms” unchecked. So when they try to text you with imessages and it fails, the iphone doesn’t try sms, it just gives up. Tell them to go to imessage settings

  • Hey everyone, after struggling with this for five days I finally solved it after losing who knows how many text messages (just kidding, not that popular, probably only one).
    But I had a complicated case coming from a family itunes account and accidentally de-registering my old SIM (they cant be reactivated with ATT).

    After trying every option on this board and other and having no luck, i did one last desperation attempt by making a new itunes account and totally associating my old iphone with this new account. (itunes store, imessage, icloud, registering it on the new account), and doing everything to disassociate it with the old account. Then of course turning imessage off on that phone.

    If you deactivated on one ATT SIM card and cant get that sim card back, then i think this is a great option

  • I solved the issue by calling Apple Support 1-800-MY-IPHONE (1-800-694-7466) and asking the to de-register my number from the iMessage system. Apparently, it is a known issue that Apple does not seem to be eager to resolve. The support engineer had to manually unregister my phone, and now I can get the messages from other iPhones, as long as ‘Send as SMS’ is enabled on the iPhone.

  • I am on the phone with Apple Support right now and although the services says you must pay that 19.00 – all you need to do is by pass that greeting and tell the associate your issue and they will be happy to help you. They also told me that this is the best solution to the issue and you should not need to do anything else – They will need to revoke the certificate and while doing this they will send you a text message with a code to give them. This could take 24 to 48 hours to register and they should also give you a case # just in the situation that you may need to call them back! Thank you all for your help above!!!

  • Arrrggghh! I tried everything on this forum including swapping out the SIM card and calling Apple support and it STILL doesn’t work! Apple claims that I do not have anything registered with them anymore and that it’s because my friends & clients are still messaging me with imessage but I’ve had them delete my number from their phones and re-enter me and still nothing. Help!!

  • It work for me! 🙂 I just call Apple and they unregrister my iphone from the iMessage system. I didn’t have to pay the $19.00 dollars. Thanks Everyone

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