Facebook Timeline Heading To All Profiles

In an updated blog post today, Facebook announced its once opt-in Timeline feature will be rolling out to all users around the world over the next few weeks. This means Timeline will be enabled whether you want it or not.

At some point over the next few weeks, you'll get a notice on your Facebook page telling you Timeline is enabled. You have seven days to clean up your profile and customise Timeline to your liking before the rest of your friends see it. This is a good time to take a look at our guide to hiding embarrassing old posts to make sure you're not broadcasting anything you don't want to. If you don't feel like waiting until Facebook automatically updates it for you, you can still opt-in and enable it right now.

Timeline:Now Available Worldwide [Facebook Blog]


    YAY! Forced upon us! WOOO!

      Facebook is compulsory now?

    People need to get over it. How often do you really look at someone's profile? Unless you're a stalker, probably not often at all. The news feed hasn't changed, and what you do doesn't turn up in sequential or realtime order, so it's harder for people to see when exactly you've liked something, unless they're stalking you on the Twitter-style feed on the news feed.

      So yeah, totally irrelevant unless you're a stalker.

      When this drops in, I'll be jumping on a few friends profiles to look for hilarious-yet-embarrasing posts from 2007. I will proceed to remind them of these every time I see them for weeks.

      It's going to be awesome.

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