Excel And Powerpoint 2012 Calendar Templates Join The Office Crowd

We told you last week about the 2012 calendar templates for Word. Now its Office siblings Excel and PowerPoint have joined the party with their own free downloadable 2012 designs.

Which template you prefer will likely depend on your existing Office skills and needs; the main aim of the PowerPoint designs is to allow integration into your existing presentations, while the Excel set has the largest number of variants and can be adjusted for any year. Like the Word designs, they're available in Mon-Sun and Sun-Sat versions (honestly, does anyone plan their week Sun-Sat?)

Beyond spreadsheets: Spiffy Excel calendars for 2012 [Excel Blog]

Free 2012 PowerPoint calendars now available [PowerPoint blog]


    yes, many countries have their work week Sunday to Thursday with Friday and Saturday as the weekend. Therefore Sun-Sat version are the same for them as Mon-Sun ones are for us.

    It's like most Asian countries, you will noticed most stores open from Midday until late at night.

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