Enable Concurrent Remote Sessions In Windows

The built-in Remote Desktop (RDP) feature in Windows is a convenient way to access your computer remotely, but it's limited to only one user accessing the PC at a time. TechSpot shares this patch to get around that limitation.

Typically, if you were logged in with RDP on a computer, if someone else tried to remote into that computer, you'd be bumped off. There are a couple of cases where you might want or need simultaneous RDP sessions. You and your partner could both access a home computer's programs and files while at work, for example. Or, as TechSpot suggests, you could have a dedicated media centre PC in the living room and remotely access all the files on the computer without interrupting someone watching TV.

A Universal Termsrv.dll Patch, provided by a developer who goes by the handle DeepXW, enables this for you. Run the executable as an administrator to install. The patch will backup your original termsrv.dll file in the Windows system directory, but if you want to be cautious, back up the file yourself first.

Enable Concurrent Desktop Sessions in Windows [TechSpot]


    Awesome! Works for me.
    It seems that the patch basically modifies your DLL. You can google the changes that it's likely to have to do. If you had a HEX editor, you could make the same changes. This just saves you the hassle.

    Probably also worth mentioning that this puts you in violation of the EULA.

      Because usually you call Microsoft for support or warranty.

    with RDC 6.1+ using the /admin switch, allows an extra connection.
    so [servername] /admin

    worked for me last time I tried it, but that was on XP about three years ago.

    Relatedly: if another active session is blocking you from remoting in, you can use the qwinsta/rwinsta commands to quickly kill it off.

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