Dealhacker: Vodafone Wi-Fi Hotspot Half Price At Dick Smith

Vodafone's mobile broadband gear gets discounted pretty regularly. If you're a hotspot fan, this is a good deal: Dick Smith has the prepaid Pocket Wifi 2 online for $39.50 including delivery, which is half the regular price. [Dick Smith via OzBargain]


    Cheaper on the Vodafone website if you add to cart in the mobile broadband prepaid section then use the promo code 'ozbargain' it comes to $35.50

      But then you're relyign on VF's 'top' customer service to deliver it sometime within 2012. You might get lucky ..

      You also get 6GB with our mate Dick, only 3GB with the $35.50 option.

      They're both good deals. Great little device. Especially if you fluke a free unlock on their website (happens occasionally) or alternatively can unlock for about $13 using 3rd party software. :)

        I take that back. It looks like DS is only 3GB.

    Australia post has a better deal ATM with 6GB

      Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's the 1st gen one that only goes to 7.2Mbps speed

    Wow, I am really craving for one of these pocket wifi mobile broadband. I haven't read any information about this yet, but if you are right Steve, then this is really awesome.

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