Dealhacker: Vodafone iPhone 4 32GB

Proof that it always pays to double-check the details: right now, Vodafone is offering the 32GB iPhone 4 with a handset charge of just $5 a month if you sign up to its $29 Cap over 24 months (that's $816 in total). So what's the sting?

Remarkably, if you want the lesser 8GB model on the same plan, you'll actually pay more — $11 a month, taking the total cost to $960. Vodafone's network reliability aside, the big issue with this plan is that it only includes 200MB of data. But since Apple itself doesn't sell the 32GB model outright and it isn't available through rival carriers at the moment either, it might be tempting.

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Vodafone [via Vodafone Blog]


    The sting is that vodafone sucks.

    I am currently on vodafone with my iphone 4, and I'll be switching to Telstra either when my contract runs out in September, or when I finally snap and argue/threaten my way to an early departure. The 3G reception is utterly shocking, and I live less than 10km from Melbourne CBD. What's the point of having a smartphone when it's completely hindered by the network it's tied to?

    I have to agree with Liraniel. I bought the Nexus S through Vodafone and the reception is so terrible, I don't use it. I actually went out and signed up to a separate contract just so I could use an iPhone 4. Add to the fact that I live less than 5km from the Melbourne CBD makes it a sure thing I NEVER sign up to Vodafone again.

    Got a Vodafone Galaxy SII and no problems with network.. I am in Sydney though.

    One thing regarding the data allowance is that they have decently priced add-on packs, which you can.. well.. add on to the service.

    I'm 30 minutes out of Perth and the service is shocking. I too will be heading to Telstra at the end of my contract.

    Network at Vodafone was shocking in Melbourne CBD and just 1km away. I left in November as soon as my contract ended and been happy with Telstra prepaid.

    The funny thing I noticed is Telstra usuage shows I use less data even when they were charging in 1MB blocks. Maybe having the "drop outs" and "bottle necks" results in higher data usage bills for Vodafone!

    I am too having the same problems with Vodafone - I thought coverage was supposed to improve lately - i think it has actually got worse in the last month!
    Telstra Prepaid is where i'm heading next when my contract finishes in March.

    I've been with Vodafone for over 5 years now, never had a problem with their coverage. When dad and I travel together we compare signal strength and my Vodafone signal is consistently better than his Telstra "blue tick" phone.

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