Dealhacker: Big W Has Second Ink Cartridge For Half Price

Dealhacker: Big W Has Second Ink Cartridge For Half Price

We don’t feature printer ink deals often, but this seems notable: from today until February 1, Big W is offering half-price off the second ink cartridge if you buy two at the same time (an effective 25 per cent saving). The deal is also available online and there’s no postage charge, so that might be a better bet than seeing if the right cartridge is in store at your local branch. [Big W]


  • “We don’t feature printer ink deals often”- What, you guys don’t just buy the $40 printers and replace them when they run out of ink?

    Here’s a Dealhacker for you- use a printing company- cheaper and better results.

  • I think I will stick to no-name branded ink and refills.. it’s cheaper for I do.. which is not high quality printing.. if I ever need to print photos on photo paper, I’ll grab some proper ink.. but for the meantime, it does the job with the no-name brands.

  • Something to note.. It has the be 2 of exactly the same cartridge (ie. 2 of the same colour for the same printer) down to the same barcode otherwise it won’t scan up with the offer. It’s going to be fun explaining this to customers for the duration of the catalogue *sigh*

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