Crime Researchers Want Your Scam Stories

The world of scams changes rapidly. If you've experienced an attempted online or phone scam and are happy to share your story, the Australasian Consumer Fraud Task Force and the Australian Institute of Criminology are conducting a survey to identify prevalent scams in the local area.

The survey is running for three months. Note you don't have to have been taken in by the scam — a key part of the research is to determine how people react to such offers. Hit the link below to take part.

Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce Survey 2012


    I actually got one of those money scams in my email this morning. The stupid thing is, there's no place to report it! I have tried before to reports scams to scamwatch and all they do is tell you how to recognize a bloody scam! Absolutely ridiculous.

      Click on the "The SCAMwatch Report a Scam online form (opens in new window)" link.

      Report away!

    I was just *not* scammed. Had a voicemail message this afternoon claiming to be from my bank's anti-fraud section, searched the bank's site, no trace of the number. Turns out the number was legit, but it's poor security practice to ask people to call an unverifiable number.

    I got a call from the fake Microsoft technicians. Held the guy on the line for over half an hour tricking the poor bugger.

      To what end?

      I've feigned ignorance for an hour once. He only hung up after I said I was using linux.

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