Cook Vegetables Right After Purchase To Make Them Last Longer

We often think of vegetables as something we buy and then store in the crisper until it's time to make a meal with them. Chef and food writer Tamar Adler suggests cooking your vegetables as soon as you get home from the supermarket to help them keep longer.

Photo by Warren Layton.

Cooking the vegetables when you buy them not only makes your meal planning easier down the road, but also provides a few quick and easy snack options throughout the week. It essentially makes your veggies a healthy convenience food. (If you live alone, cooking then freezing also provides a way of taking advantage of specials as they come up — Oz ed.)

If you need some ideas on how to cook your vegetables or what you can do with them, check out the full article at the New York Times.

A Recipe for Simplifying Life: Ditch the Recipes [New York Times]


    LOL "vegetables ass"
    I love a bit of toilet humour in the morning...

    I'm on nothing but protein this week.... that photo looks delicious.

    Better idea... EAT them right after your purchase them

    Been steaming my Veg for a few years now. I bought a mid sized upright freezer to store it in too. I found veg like Broccoli will wilt very quickly and just got really sick of wasting expensive vegetables. Now I can make a single bulk purchase and steam it then pack it into single serve portions in ziplock bags. Just don't reheat in non microwave bags, which generally don't have ziplock. The wife and I have saved hundreds this way!

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