Convert AAA Batteries Into AA Batteries With Foil

If you run out of a charge on a pair of AA batteries but have some AAAs laying around, reddit user Its738PM suggests using a strip of aluminium foil to convert the AAA battery into a AA battery.To get this to work, all you need is a AAA battery and some aluminium foil. Wrap up a ball of foil and stuff it into the case of your device where the battery's negative terminal connects. As long as you have enough foil to fill in the gap, your device should turn on. This method works great in a pinch if your mouse battery dies in the middle of a work day or if a torch goes out during a storm. It's not a permanent solution, but it works great for short periods of time.

LPT: out of AA batteries? Use AAAs and tin foil in a pinch. [Reddit]


    Wow - I can't say that I've seen batteries connected in parallel like that in many gadgets/gizmos/appliances. That will give you a grand total of 1.5volts...

      Looks like it's in a charger though, rather than an active device, so think it's ok.. :)

      For larger batteries we use "rare earth magnets" to fill the gaps when necessary.. but of course, it's not like you have the correct sized earth magnets laying around like you have al-foil.

        Nope! It's an Apple magic mouse.

        I have been using this 'hack' for years.

    If only you could do the reverse - I always have copious amounts of AAs but never any AAAs, and they run out so damn quick.

    Stu - I'm sure there's a hack using a pocketknife and a thick pair of gloves to help you with your AA into an AAA device problem!

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