'Burqini', 'Planking' Headed For Our Dictionaries?

I'm all for advancing the English language, but if "planking" and "burqini" are currently topping the list of words Australia has voted to include in the Macquarie Dictionary, we really have no choice but to flick the read-only switch to the on position. Immediately.

Image: National Library of Australia (modified)

According to ABC News, "guyliner" and "meggings" are also proving favourites. The dictionary's editor, Susan Butler, speaking with Radio National, mentioned politicians have all but forced economies of varying gears into our lexicon, be they two, three or "patchwork" in configuration.

Fortunately, it's still up to a panel of judges as to whether the words are permanently inked. Help make a difference by voting yourself; a multiple-choice page featuring a selection of last year's most prominent words (in the media, at least) is up on the Macquarie Dictionary website. Entries remain open until 5pm on January 27, so while you have time to consider your decision, don't sit on your hands too long.

The word of the year for 2010? "Googleganger" — a person (or persons) one discovers upon searching Google for their name.

Word of the year 2011 [Macquarie Dictionary, via ABC News]


    What about fracking? Fracking! As in fracking cylons!

    As of Jan 1, 2012, the word LIFEHACKER is allowed in Scrabble, outside North America .

      Do you have a source for that?

        My mistake. The new Scrabble word is LIFEHACK. Some others are INBOX, BARCODE, FANSITE, PHOTOSHOP, SPYCAM and even FACEBOOK and MYSPACE.The word list is updated about every 5 years, see http://www.wespa.org

    What's wrong with any of these words being added? They are words that people use. Dictionaries are meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive.

      Dictionaries dispense drugs now??

    Only in Australia could pretending to be a corpse be considered fun.

    Voting done!

    Most of the categories I left as "no vote", as I didn't think any of the words warranted entry into the dictionary, at least as defined in the voting form.

    It was a tough choice between 'devo' and 'totes'.
    Totes devo'd I could only pick one.

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