Build Your Own Cheap Standing Desk

Looking to take the plunge into using a standing desk but don't want to spend a lot of money on the experiment? Blogger Brandon Keepers details how he build his for under $US40.

We've talked about the benefits of using a standing desk before, but many of the DIY options have either been expensive, complicated or lacking in aesthetics. This one beats those problems by being cheap, simple and nice to look at. Keepers used a 1.2m desktop surface and mounted it directly into the wall with heavy-duty shelf brackets.

It's a simple installation and doesn't require too many skills to accomplish, but make sure you drill those brackets directly into the studs. If you've been wanting to try the standing desk but didn't want to take the financial plunge, this is a good place to start. You can find the full list of items you'll need and a helpful walkthrough on Keeper's blog.

The $US40 Standup Desk [Open Soul]


    that keyboard is too small

      It's not, thats the size it comes.

    Today I tried using a laptop on top of a 4 drawer filing cabinet and not too bad - at least as a cheap quick method to see how the standing up idea goes

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