Break Into And Out Of Almost Anything

Break Into And Out Of Almost Anything

Whether you’re stuck inside and need to break out or you’ve found locked outside and need to get in, having the key or password is rarely your only option. Here are our top 10 favourite tricks for breaking into and out of nearly any locked down environment.

10. Crack an Electronic Safe

bounce them

If your timing is right, you’ll have turned the knob when the safe’s lock bounces open for a brief moment. This works because many cheaper safes have locks that lift. Better safes don’t have this vulnerability and this trick won’t work on them, but if you’ve got a cheap one and lost your pass code, this bouncing trick will open it right up.

9. Break Into Your Garage From The Outside

stick a long metal wire with a hook on the end through the door

8. Release A Sliding Chain Lock With A Rubber Band


7. Break Out Of A Car Submerged In Water

breaking the window with a device called a centre punch

Failing that, it is possible to kick a window out when you don’t have the necessary technology. Just aim for the hinges, rather than the middle, and you should find success with a little luck and sufficient force. Just don’t try to open the door. That’s just not going to work.

6. Escape From A Car Boot

simple way to break yourself outhere

5. Unbind Your Bound Wrists

break out of cable tiesGetting out of handcuffssurvival strap

4. Break Into A Windows Or Mac Computer

WindowsMac OS X

3. Break Into Your Car

use a crimped plastic strap

2. Crack Wi-Fi Passwords

Backtrackcrack WEP passwordsReaverBacktrack WEP-cracking guide

1. Pick And Crack Most Locks

crack a master padlockpick pretty much any standard lock


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