Bondi Hangs Your Smartphone Almost Anywhere

Smartphone stands and cases are handy when you need to prop up your device, but when you're at the gym, in a car or just want to plug your phone in to charge, it's sometimes more beneficial to just hang it on something. Bondi provides you with a means to do that.

Bondi is a pretty simple idea. It holds on to your smartphone with little hands and has a hanger for a head. This will let you hang your phone on your rearview mirror in the car, on an exercise machine at the gym, on the plug you use to charge your phone and much more. You can also lay it back to use it as a stand for your phone or apparently a book as well (at least, that's what this picture suggests). Bondi isn't designed to protect your phone, however, so you don't want to think of it as a case replacement. It's more of a convenient way to attach your smartphone to many places without having to buy a bunch of different, location-specific stands and mounts. You just pick up Bondi and you can hang it wherever you go.

Bondi ($US20) [via Swissmiss]


    This looks really cute, but at $20 it's quite the rip-off... Lifehacker hack in the works for this one? Possibly with binder clip?

      Given a wire coathanger, a pair of pliers and some tape you could probably knock up a rough imitation without too much trouble.

      I may just give that a shot with my ipad. Hanging it from the kitchen cupboard would be great when cooking.

    Dealextreme will have them for $1.20 each any day now, I'm guessing.

      Unfortunately if DX did have any, the arms would probably break off after about 10 bends.

    How well does it work with a case on, i never buy any iPhone accessories unless its case friendly.

    how many back of toilet doors will people leave these on.

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