Belvedere Now Automates Your Folders And Sends Files To iTunes

Belvedere Now Automates Your Folders And Sends Files To iTunes

Belvedere, our automatic file management tool for Windows, has updated with a few new features, like the ability to move folders around and add tracks to iTunes.

Being able to act on folders is a big update for Belvedere, not to mention one of its most requested features. Before, you could move, delete, or otherwise edit files in response to certain conditions, but you could never act on folders themselves. This new release changes that, making Belvedere more powerful than ever.

It’s also added an option to automatically add files to iTunes, without you having to direct it to your iTunes folder (though note it’ll only work if your iTunes folder is in the traditional “My Music” location). It also includes a number of bug fixes, including a big one that broke many rules involving “is in the past _____ weeks”-type statements. Hit the link to check out the newest version.

Belvedere Automates Your Self-Cleaning PC [Lifehacker US]


  • Would be nice if it could rule subfolders, I don’t know how to explain it but if you have auto-cleaning of a folder, it should include folder inside it as well.

    Also the auto-cleaning of Rubbish Bin is a bit weird, would be nice if it insted of cleaning it out once a week, all files that has been in there for a week.

    Maybe some more colours, for easier use?

    Otherwise great program! 😀

    • I agree, this is the main thing preventing me from using this program. For instance, my download folder might contain a folder that contains an album worth of mp3 files. Ideally it would look inside, see the files are music and then move the whole folder to my music. I really had hoped the most recent update would have fixed this, but from playing with it, it doesn’t.

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