Australians Slower To Adopt iPad In The Office

Australians Slower To Adopt iPad In The Office

The usefulness of the iPad (and tablets generally) for the workplace isn’t in question, even when they pose challenges for IT management. However, a global survey of iPad use by IDG Connect suggests that Aussies are behind the curve when it comes to using the iPad in work enviroments.

As the diagram above shows, while plenty of Australians appear to be using their iPad to access work emails out of hours, rather less than the global average are doing so in the office. Only one in five users was given their iPad by work, and “levels of usage on the move are the lowest in the world”.

That delayed uptake might be partially attributed to the late release of the original iPad in our market, but that wasn’t the case with the iPad 2. But that doesn’t explain the relative lack of enthusiasm, especially for travel applications, where we have the relative luxury of three carriers.

If you use your iPad in the office, where is it most helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • The biggest problem we have is porting existing legacy web applications over to the mobile platform. We have 50+ web apps that have activex controllers, flash, and everything in between that they need to run, they are core systems for our environment and will take years to bring them into this century.

  • I never get why it is such a big deal to have a tablet in the workplace. I can see a significant with management with their documents reading and slides on the go but I cannot imagine that many employees will use the ipad the way it should be in a business environment.

    Most people I know still prints out their slides or joint down notes on a piece of paper.

  • While I can see applications for a tablet in my workplace, the problem is adapting all the legacy applications to support the iPad. It’s not even given to employees as an email tool because we give them smartphones (or let them use their own) for that and at least you can make phone calls on them too (and they are smaller as well).

    For the iPad to be really useful in my workplace, proper apps have to be developed to access the legacy systems.

    • Yup, ipad use is pushed largely by management rather than an actual business need.

      A month ago we rolled out ipads to all our managers. If I push hard, I might get something other than email/calendaring up and running on them within about two months…but I doubt it.

      Right now the only business use for them is email…which their desktops, laptops, and smartphones already do (along with a whole bunch of other stuff).

      Management controls the money, so if they want ipads in the workplace they get ipads in the workplace. It’s up to the rest of us to modify every other system so it works for them.

  • I’d say that Australia is *ahead* of the curve: we’ve skipped over the starry-eyed adoration for gadgetry and stuck with what works best.

    Slates have limited applications in the office, plain and simple. They do have a valuable place, but for the most part office monkeys like me need a proper keyboard and a system that’s no hassle for the IT department to maintain. Also, for the cost of a decent slate you can get three PCs like the one I use.

  • Classic Apple advertising. Do a study examining the rate of Ipad use (not tablet use or other mobile platform use) in the workplace and imply guilt or group think congratulations to each market. People are suckers

  • About 30% of staff have them in my office and it is growing. The business uses of an ipad are excellent. They are used for board papers in meetings, client presentations, email on the road (instead of pulling out a bulky laptop), note taking (with a stylus), plus is seen as a perk because you can put your own books, movies, games etc on it when on the road or on the weekends.

  • We deployed, at the Partners insistance, ipads to all partners in the firm for email etc. Five months later, anyone want to guess what proportion:

    a) Are being used as intended.
    b) Are switched off in desk drawers.
    c) Are used in Angry Birds High Score Challenge by their kids


  • Probably going to get shot down for this but I wonder it the windows 8 platform will be good for office a tablet with a proper operating system that can take any pc program

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