Ask LH: How Can I Get Stickers Off My Window?

Ask LH: How Can I Get Stickers Off My Window?

Dear Lifehacker, I’d like to ask the readers a question about removing stickers from windows. I have an awful line of “safety” decal stickers on my sliding doors that I would like to remove for aesthetic reasons as they ruin my view outside. Anyone out there had any success with removing these decals? They have no purpose in my household and while I realise their removal may go against Australian Standards, it’s my house and my view. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks, Sticker Situation

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Dear Sticker Situation,

I suspect that the best tactic for this situation is going to be the obvious one: a combination of a sharp edge (a craft knife or a razor blade are the likely choices) to lift and slice the stickers and a commercial product to remove any remaining sticky residue. I’ve used that approach successfully to remove stickers that have virtually set on windows, but must admit that I haven’t tried it on safety decals. If readers have additional strategies or suggestions, let’s hear them in the comments.


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