App Directory: The Best Image-Editing App For Windows

Windows users have a few image editors to choose from, but as you probably expected Photoshop comes out as king. Here's a look at why it's the best, as well as a number of (much cheaper) alternatives you can try.

Adobe Photoshop

Platform: Windows Price: $1168 (30-day trial available) Download Page

  • Layer-based editing allows for flexible adjustments
  • Several image adjustment tools for a variety of options
  • Layer styles save time when creating common effects
  • Includes a robust set of filters for image alteration and manipulation that can be expanded with third-party plug-ins
  • Supports importing and exporting many image formats
  • Built-in Camera RAW plug-in is like a specialised RAW image editor app inside of Photoshop
  • Excellent image exporting tool for getting images ready for use on the web
  • Excellent colour management tools for images that will be printed
  • Smart Objects make it possible to easily re-use common assets
  • Healing brush and content-aware fill tools help you easily remove unwanted blemishes and even objects in photos
  • Create animations with Photoshop's frame-by-frame animation tools
  • Several tools for quickly making complex selections and removing backgrounds
  • HDR imaging tools
  • Complex brush tool for great painting effects, including custom brushes you can create yourself
  • A lot more!

Note: This doesn't even begin to dive into the features in Photoshop, which are too long to name here. You can visit Adobe's official Photoshop page to learn more, but even they don't detail every single feature. Your best bet is to make use of their 30-day trial and explore for yourself.

Photoshop is absurdly powerful. Not only can you do a heap of things to your images, Photoshop performs those tasks in a much simpler way than a lot of image editors — functions that would take a few clicks or keystroke in other programs take one in Photoshop, and you can even make your own macros to perform repetitive tasks instantly. It works equally well for photos as it does for website layout and illustration, and supports a ton of different file formats. It also has a great exporting tool for the web, great colour management and tons more. It's been the go-to program for image editors everywhere, and there's a good reason why: it's amazing.

Photoshop's biggest downside is, obviously, its insanely high price tag (which is even worse in Australia than elsewhere). Most people can't afford software that expensive, and while you can get some student discounts, it's still way out of most people's price range, which is a big deterrent.

Apart from that, Photoshop is made by Adobe — which means it's full of bloat. As it has grown over the years to include things like 3D modelling, it's only gotten more chances to be big and slow, which is very annoying when you just want to hop in and tweak a photo. It does so much that, frankly, you probably won't use most of its features all the time, which makes that big price tag seem all the more annoying. Still, the time it'll save you on the features you do use is awesome enough to keep it in the top spot among image editors for Windows.

GIMP is a free, open-source image editor that aims to do a lot of whatPphotoshop does. In fact, there are quite a few Photoshop tricks it can do just fine, though sometimes it can be a bit more tedious and quirky than Photoshop. If you prefer Photoshop's interface, however, you might want to check out GIMPshop instead, as it is basically the same program made to emulator the style of Photoshop.

Paint.NET is our other favourite image editor. It isn't quite as advanced as Photoshop or the GIMP, but it will work for the majority of people. It still has a layer-based interface, lots of effects, and easy access to your recent actions, it just can't do quite as much as the other two. If you're looking for an image editor, we recommend starting here, then moving to the GIMP if you aren't happy.

Any other Photoshop alternatives you love? Share 'em in the comments!

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    No mention of Photoshop Elements? It provides virtually all the features of Photoshop that a non-professional would want at a fraction of the price (about $125 in Australia).

    If Photoshop didn't charge for upgrades I would upgrade my old CS3 today. I don't understand why they think charging like wounded bulls is a good business model either. If they brought the price down to a more reasonable price a lot more people would buy it. Lets face it, there is a very high portion of computer users these days that are proficient photographers and artists! As for Gimp and, I've used both and like different things about both, but both are very week in image selection, Lasso and magic wand etc.

    No mention of PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate? It is a pretty big install (takes time) but it loads quickly, it's easy to learn and also it's effects are awesome. Comes in at $80 US.

    Photoshop is overrated, clunky and severely bloated and so damn expensive.

      Being expensive doesn't make it overrated. if you are a professional and you need it, there's no substitute.

    Teachers (Or friends of teachers *ahem*) can get the Master Collection CS5.5 for around $90.

      Pls suppy the link to get the CS5.5 for ~$90. I've only found it for around $250,


    Paint.NET for me ;-)

    I use both Photoshop and Paint.NET and I can say that for 90% of what I need to do I just fire up Paint.NET, and you can't beat the price (free)

    No mention on Adobe Lightroom?

      No, because LR isn't an image editor.

    PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate
    PS Elements
    FastStone Image Viewer 4.6 (does a lot of edit work as well)

    All worthy contenders.

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