Angle Your Chair Towards The Entrance To Maximise Comfort

Regardless of whether you're in an office or a cubicle, your chair's location and direction plays an important role in your workspace. In order to feel calm and comfortable, the Harvard Business Review recommends facing your desk chair at the entry of your workspace.

Photo by archi4oz.

You might have heard this idea before, but it's a good tip to consider regardless of the type of workspace you're in. In general, humans are more comfortable when their backs aren't exposed to passersby. As the Harvard Business Review points out, if you're in a cubicle where it doesn't seem like you can orient your chair toward the entrance, you should try and make your side face the entrance as opposed to your back. Even a slight adjustment will make a big difference in your psychological comfort. Click the link below for a few more tips to make your workspace a better place to be.

Make Your Cubicle a Better Place to Work [Harvard Business Review]


    Also lessens the likelihood of being shot or stabbed in the back! Oh, plus you can quickly click back to the job you were supposed to be doing instead of Civ! I've been caught out before, donchanow :)

      Yup yup... Good old "Alt+Space N" :)

    I've thought of putting a mirror so I can see people approach me, I get scared all the time when people sneak up on me!

    Kind of hard to do this when my desk is facing the back wall of the office and I have to have my back facing the entrance!

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