An Unofficial Steam Client For Android

Steam, the popular online service for distributing video games has been out for several years, but has not tapped into the mobile market yet, so fans and third parties are creating their own apps.

Steam for Android is developed by IBF Programs and allows Android users to browse game sales, get a summary of their Steam profile, keep up with friends and groups from the website, and view stats for all the games they play.

Kudos to the developers on the interface, which is very reminiscent of the recently released Android 4.0 operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich); it's easy to keep track of everything and interact with your existing Steam community. Speaking of which, if you don't already have a Steam player ID you'll want to grab that first as you really can't do much with the app without it.

If you spend a lot of time discussing games on Steam this should be a handy app, but if you don't care about the community and just want to play you can safely skip it. iOS users can use the third-party app Gears.

Steam for Android is a free download from the Android Market.

Steam for Android [via AddictiveTips]


    Does it allow you to chat with your friends? That's something that was missing in Gears.

      Until Valve opens up an API for Steam Chat no application can do that.

        Yet somehow imo does.

          Not sure what version of imo you're using, but the version on my Android phone doesn't have Steam chat...

            Oh okay, all I know is the web browser version does.

        Here's a web app that lets you do steam chat except the only thing is that you have to share your password to it as I believe it uses the steam client on the server to do the chat

        There was a apk for it too somewhere but it was very buggy last time I checked

          Share your password? Can't say I'd ever do that, my steam account is too valuable to me :(.

    I'd love a good steam app for Android, but as mentioned above without chat it's kinda useless to me.

    The only thing this will do for me is make me jealous of those thousands of people who are not working while I am :)

    I honestly don't know why Valve haven't released an Official Steam app.

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