Air Asia Taken To Court For Misleading Pricing

Air Asia Taken To Court For Misleading Pricing

One of the basic rules of advertising prices in Australia is that you have to prominently display the entire cost. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking Air Asia to court, alleging that it has advertised flights without showing the total costs including taxes and other fees.

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The ACCC says that flights between Australia and a number of destinations were listed on the Air Asia web site “did not display some airfare prices inclusive of all taxes, duties, fees and other mandatory charges”. A court hearing has been set for March 2.

The rule regarding component pricing has been in place since 2009, and the ACCC enforces it quite regularly for airlines. Air Asia was one of the airlines warned by the ACCC to smarten up its act last year, which presumably explains why a court action is now happening.



  • Good work. Spent 20mins the other working out flights, and with every new screen, i had the price increasing….

    They charged me for choosing my seat…i dont mind that but it was an opt out type fee, that i had to be aware off, and remove from, to bring back the fare down. At the end of all that, the price came to the same price singapore air was charging…..without all the trouble of transfers etc. In addition, i was being charge $10 per section for credit card fees.

    What a waste of time.

    • Not just that though, no we have to pay for checking in through the counter, so non-tech savvy elderly have to use the self checkin booths IF they wont pony up.

      Up to date, they’ve successfully charged us for seat booking, credit card ‘convenience fee’ and counter check in. Moreover, AA’s Malaysian destination wont use aerobridges, we have to walk on the tarmac to/from aircraft/terminal. (we have the short end of the stick)

      Those sort of ads are rampant back home in Malaysia, seem like Malaysia doesn’t have that kind of consumer protection like those in Australia.

  • haven’t noticed this with air asia, but i haven’t flown with them in/to/from australia. Have flown with them numerous times in/around asia, and it’s exactly as portrayed in the article.

    I have noticed this though on tiger airways website. when you go through the booking process on their Aus site it adds taxes and extra non-optional costs (e.g seat fee) on top of the initial price as you progress through the booking process

  • I think Air Asia are extremely dodgy in their practices!

    I have flown with them twice and both times opted for a more expensive flight because the time suited me better. Then a week before the flight I am contacted by Air Asia with the information that my flight has been cancelled and I have been bumped to the flight which was cheaper but at a terrible time! In essence I pay more money for the same crappy flight time. It happened on both flights.

    My wife and I have sworn never to fly with them again.

  • Thing is – I have this problem with Airasia with their *non-Australian* flights – but have always found their Australian flights to include taxes. Not sure what’s going on, if they occasionally backslide or if it comes from visiting the wrong country-specific Airasia site or something, but you can try it right now at and all the flights departing from AU destinations are tax-inclusive

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