Win Navigon MobileNavigator For iOS With Lifehacker

Let the giveaways continue! Today, we've got 10 copies of Navigon's MobileNavigator app for lucky readers.

Using your iDevice as a navigator is a sensible choice on the road, but you need a good app with up-to-date mapping data to ensure you'll reach your destination. The MobileNavigator app runs on both iPhone and iPad, and you can add in optional updates for Live Traffic, 3D navigation, truck details and more.

MobileNavigator is normally priced at $69.95. That in itself is a lot cheaper than a separate GPS, but if you win today's contest, you'll get it for nothing!

To enter, tell us in 30 words or less which unusual destination in Australia you'd like to visit and why. The 10 best and most creative entries (as determined by our judges) will each win a copy of the app. Entries close Friday December 16 at 12:30PM, so don't delay! Full terms and conditions here. (And a note for our Android-toting readers: we were keen to offer some Android codes as well, but there's not an easy gift/promo code mechanism for Android. Sob!)


    Being an avid surfer id love to visit Wave Rock in Western Australia

    I'd try to go beyond the black stump. Not sure where it is, not sure if any GPS would have any idea either but it would be worth a try.

    Usually.. I am at Bronte Beach in NSW, however it is a perpetually changing environment that makes it an unusually new experience every time I go.

    I would like to see some 'big' things before they all disappear - first on the list, the big banana !

    I want to go to Cooper Pedy, SA - where the residents live underground. Although I'd be surprised if the the iPhone's GPS got reception there!

    I'd use it to get to Monkey Mia. Apparently it has absolutely nothing to do with Monkey's... Plus, I get to feed and swim with Dolphin's by choice before they rise up and enslave the world Simpsons styles

    I'd like to visit WoopWoop. My Aunt lives there but my Parents never took me because it's too far.

    I'd tour of all the big things, the big banana, the big pineapple, the big lobster etc. They're Australian institutions.

    Christmas Island - 1st for the irony of it this time of year, 2nd because if it is good enough for international visitors then Aussies should take a look too.

    I was just looking at GPS units to buy myself for christmas!

    I'd love to go to Batman and call myself Bruce Wayne and get into politics. Seriously, who wouldn't vote for Bruce Wayne of Batman!

    (yes- Batman, Victoria is a real place)

    Alternatively I've always wanted to go visit Lightning Ridge, NSW. Not only because it has one of the coolest names for a place, but because its only a short drive into the QLD border, can you imagine going back in time during daylight savings!

    I'd love to head to Broome to do some diving while taking HD video on my phone using the underwater housing I read about on Giz this morning!

    I don't have an unusual destination in mind but I need help escaping Darwin, I've been here 5 months and have not been further than Palmerston!

    williams creek it needs all the help it can get

    Where we're going, we don't need roads! Hang on, where did I leave my DeLorean?

    "Burpengary" - QLD: I wouldnt like to see this place seeing that it looks like its named after a guy named Gary who has some serious tummy gas.

    I would drive to the nearest phone shop that sells a Samsung SG2, so I could get Navigon for free ;)

    Nowhere Else in SA. It's somewhere on the Eyre Peninsula, but even Google can't find it :) Reckon Navigon can?

    I'd also like to go to the border of NSW/QLD and SA. The only place where spinning on the spot will land you in three different time zone, and when you leave to go back in to SA, you still have to wind the date back 20 years.

    -21.326577,141.413848 in the middle of Landsborough Highway, that's where we wreck our 4WD (got distracted by the awesome view) when we were driving from Brisbane to Alice Springs.

    I would love to visit the Jenolan Caves in NSW. The Caves are breathtaking and I got married inside the Cathedral Cave - yes, inside the cave.

    Would love to travel up from Adelaide, into Maralinga (if possible - or at least near that area) then into oodnadatta, then up to Ghan in the NT.

    Bald Knob near the Sunshine Coast... not only to take photos with the sign for the place, but I hear there's a great burger shop there!

    Since my hometown of Woodenbong is already taken...

    I would visit the sister-town (name wise) of Humpybong, just to add another 'bong' under my belt ;)

    A place called Smoko in Victoria.... Why not :)

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