Win An HTC Sensation XE With Lifehacker

We're in a generous mood as Christmas approaches, so we'll be giving away some awesome prizes all week. First up: thanks to HTC, we've got an HTC Sensation XE Android phone, valued at $999, for one lucky reader. So how can you win this phone?

The Sensation XE is nicely kitted out, and it should be even more impressive come 2012 when it gets upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. But you don't have to wait until then to win the handset we're giving away.

To enter, just write a caption (in 30 words or less) for this picture of Senator Stephen Conroy and Kevin Rudd:

The caption we judge the most amusing will be the winner. Extra points for suitable technology references, and we won't give a prize to "And the knife was this big", because that's far too obvious. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 10am, so get cracking. Full terms and conditions here (and the handset as it ships is locked to Vodafone, if you were wondering).

Picture by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images


    Rudd: ‘Hey bro, whats the go with that NBN portal thingy?’
    Conroy: Dude, its chockaz full o scams and spams.’
    Rudd: ‘OMG! I was like, this close! For realz!’

    Stephen , I've seen the actual internet, it's literally THIS big...

    Conroy: I use two fingers when I type, how many do you use?

    KR: I have a new secert weapon to win back support within the Labor Party...
    SC: An even faster NBN?

    Conroy: Wait, the NBN isn't about mobile phones?
    Rudd: Damnit Conroy...

    Kevin: you see, all this is very simple...
    Stephen: Wooooooo oooow

    Look Stephen, I know you're doing your best with the mandatory filtering thing, but I swear, if you start banging on about protecting children one more time I'm gonna...

    "Who the hell uses Vodafone???"

    KR [via telepathy] : "You know that Flying Spaghetti Monster? The one that's invisible? I caught it! It's right here!"

    SC: ......

    FSM: [via telepathy] "I used to be able to fly, Then I took an arrow to the knee"

    John Howard had left a modem this big in Kirribilli.

    KR: I used to be able to hold Watermelons this big but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    Rudd: Taking a byte from an ice cream sandwich with applesauce when this massive ram enters and causes a sensation! Shhh, Julia's here.
    Conroy: No! You beta tell me more!

    Rudd: ...and Apple have applied for injunctions here, Europe and the USA saying they have a patent covering my hand gestures.

    yeah, the new Jiggli-a Gilly sex doll lets me stab her in the back, if you get my drift

    Conroy: What are you doing?
    Rudd: Spirit fingers. You know... from 'Bring It On'?

    Rudd: "Lets play charades."
    Conroy: " Julia Gillard; obviously!"
    Rudd: "No, its Kim Beazley!"

    So I said to Julia, I'll take the job you best be handing me that Sensation ... and not like the bad one when kicked me out...

    Conroy and Rudd brainstorm the next Lemon Party.

    'When it comes to the internet, lets just say we’re not out of the woods yet'

    Rudd: Would your Internet filter stop me viewing pages of women with huge boobs? Was on there a few minutes ago, and man this one women had an amazing chest.

    SC "What's that new Andriod phone called again? S.. something?
    KR "Spirit Fingers!"

    Rudd: Julia's butt was Sensational. Her fart by Dr Dre took my breath away.

    Conroy: Oh have just lost my vote

      *Conroy: Oh my!!! It sure smelt good but you have just lost my vote.

    Rudd: Rob Oakeshott speech was so Long I ate this much earwax
    Conroy: I could build A Oakeshott Filter
    Rudd: and let the wax harden between my ears

    Rudd: By the time Blizzard announce a release date, my Diableard is gonna be THIS BIG!!!
    Conroy: zomg!!!

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