Win An HTC Sensation XE With Lifehacker

We're in a generous mood as Christmas approaches, so we'll be giving away some awesome prizes all week. First up: thanks to HTC, we've got an HTC Sensation XE Android phone, valued at $999, for one lucky reader. So how can you win this phone?

The Sensation XE is nicely kitted out, and it should be even more impressive come 2012 when it gets upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. But you don't have to wait until then to win the handset we're giving away.

To enter, just write a caption (in 30 words or less) for this picture of Senator Stephen Conroy and Kevin Rudd:

The caption we judge the most amusing will be the winner. Extra points for suitable technology references, and we won't give a prize to "And the knife was this big", because that's far too obvious. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 10am, so get cracking. Full terms and conditions here (and the handset as it ships is locked to Vodafone, if you were wondering).

Picture by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images


    KR: Ya seen Julia's new car?
    SC: *nods*
    KR: I just got it crushed into a cube... Now it fits in my microwave!

    Rudd: At the strip club in New Youk, they were that big. Let's see your web filter stop them puppies.

    Rudd: At the strip club in New York, they were that big. Let’s see your web filter stop them puppies.

    I can now leak this many cabinet discussions using my new HTC Sensation XE

    Stop complaining... When I was your age, cellphones were THIS big.

    No, I did not forget your Christmas present. I got you an iPod5. It has a new app that makes it iNvisible

    KR: No thank you. I brought my own cloud.

    Conroy: " if we invest 8 million on technology for the elderly you'll get a notification on your (insert device here) when they kick the bucket."
    Rudd: "You're serious aren't you? Someone throw a show at me, this guys an idiot!"

    I'm just waiting for the pills to arrive, the email said it would be this big after just 2 weeks.

    Conroy: So this.... "sandwhich".... how big was it?
    Rudd: It was at least *this big*, and was full of Ice-Cream!
    Conroy: Was it Apple?
    Rudd: Who in their right mind has apple ANYTHING?

    i just dropped my shiny new ipad do you want to pick it up and put it back together for me?

    Rudd: i have 10 fingers
    Conroy: say waaahhhhh!

    Rudd: So I was twittering on my Blackberry and I found a picture of a girl that looked like she..
    Conroy: This is why I wanted that Internet censor!

    Rudd: So I finally relented and ordered some Cialis seeing as it floods my Hotmail. Let me tell you...Kevin 07 is now Kevin 11 if you get my meaning.
    Conroy: OMG

    Kevin: I'm entering a contest to win a HTC Sensation. You have to say what Cornflakes mean to you in 10 words. So I said: Cornflakes. Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes. Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes, Cornflakes.
    Stephen: Pathetic! You'll never win, Kevin.
    Kevin: Why not?
    Stephen: It's only nine words.

    I know it's more than 30 words, but meh - I'm not going to win anyway :P

    KR: I am telling you mate, the internet is not a series of tubes!
    SC: No way, are you sure?
    KR: yeah, I read it on lifehacker.

    And then I said it needed this much RAM.

    True! Only 10 more and I have visited every country!

    When you figuratively drop the N-Bomb, literally.

    KR: My dog has no nose.
    SC: How does he smell?
    KR: Terrible!

    Stephen: Dentists offer oral service to men, women and children, Boss! Can I keep them on the list?

    Kevin: Take this invisible volleyball from my hands and leave.

    "There are exactly 10 tech-lovers left who vote Labor".

    SC: You got the spirit fingers right, we really need to work on that smile though.

    "No, Kevin, that's the PRE-NBN size intertube. You should see them now! They've promised me I can slide down inside one once it's all finished."

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