Win An HTC Sensation XE With Lifehacker

We're in a generous mood as Christmas approaches, so we'll be giving away some awesome prizes all week. First up: thanks to HTC, we've got an HTC Sensation XE Android phone, valued at $999, for one lucky reader. So how can you win this phone?

The Sensation XE is nicely kitted out, and it should be even more impressive come 2012 when it gets upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. But you don't have to wait until then to win the handset we're giving away.

To enter, just write a caption (in 30 words or less) for this picture of Senator Stephen Conroy and Kevin Rudd:

The caption we judge the most amusing will be the winner. Extra points for suitable technology references, and we won't give a prize to "And the knife was this big", because that's far too obvious. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 10am, so get cracking. Full terms and conditions here (and the handset as it ships is locked to Vodafone, if you were wondering).

Picture by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images


    KR: The sound's so good on these urBeats headphones, I can't help but give it the JAZZ HANDS!!
    SC: You are like SO cool Kev..

    I was looking at this horrible site with a cows...
    It should be BLACKLISTED!

    KRudd: "Yo, ConJob! Y'all know why I like bein' FoMo?"
    Conroy: "FoMo?"
    KRudd: "Foreign Affairs Minister, fool."
    Conroy: "No. Why do you like bein FoMo?"
    KRudd: "Angela Merkel."

    Kevin: So where exactly are these spams or scams coming through the "portal"?

    Rudd shocks Conroy by showing how large his NBN box actually is

    Kevin Rudd explaining to Stephen Conroy the scene in Return of the Jedi when Emperor Palpatine zaps Luke with lightning from his fingertips.

    "You know that trust exercise, where you fall back and have someone catch you with their hands out like this?"
    "Never play it with Julia."

    Conroy: "Wait what? Are you for real?"
    Rudd: "I'm not yankin' ya chain Steve, I swear. It was seriously this big. I know i'm having a hard time believing it myself!"

    Thanks to Mr Rudd's skills at explaining things to those less competent, it was at that moment that Stephen Conroy finally figured out how to unlock his iPhone after his daughter had played with it.

      Thanks to Rudd's skills at explaining things to those less competent, it was then that Conroy finally realised how to unlock his iPhone after his daughter played with it.

    Rudd: "So this NBN thing.. how big are we talking with the tubes? Like this big?"
    Conroy:"No, Bigger! we need more room to accommodate all that glass"

    Rudd: So, these fibre optic things, means I can see THIS MUCH porn when Therese is out?

    Rudd: Hey Conroy, I heard you can hypnotise a chicken by doing jazz hands like thi.......conroy??


    KR: "Hadouken!......"
    KR: "...Sorry, just saw Julia"

    Rudd: “So will this NBN thing mean I can be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report?”
    Conroy (nodding): “Yeah, yeah, I fink so... you would make a aaaawesome spy”.

    You're going to have to make those NBN tubes bigger. That little green robot is, like, this big!

    Rudd: "... and i squeezed her hooters like this when i finished"
    Conroy: " Nice"
    Rudd: "and that was how i became your father, son"

    KR: This is the size of my left testicle! *cheesy grin*
    SC: Between you and me, I'd get that checked out.

    Hey, Stephen, I'd like to talk to you about that wedding gift you got my wife...

    Being IT illiterate, Kevin Rudd takes a crack at explaining how fast the internet is in South Korea.

    Rudd: "Fibre to the home?"
    Conroy: "Yep"
    Rudd: "But to plan that, we'll need a napkin THIS BIG!"

    I'm telling you mate, they look THIS big on that Nexus screen

    Kevin Rudd compares Australia’s internet infrastructure to a sauce bottle needing a fair shake.

    Rudd: "With NBN, I can use cloud computing to its full extent and regain my control on the Labour Party… Mwahahaha!"
    Conroy: "Oh my god! What have I done!? Julia needs to know about this."

    My first NBN bill came in, it was like this big

    Rudd - The spams and scams coming out of the portal were this big!
    Conroy - What's an internet?

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