Win An HTC Sensation XE With Lifehacker

We're in a generous mood as Christmas approaches, so we'll be giving away some awesome prizes all week. First up: thanks to HTC, we've got an HTC Sensation XE Android phone, valued at $999, for one lucky reader. So how can you win this phone?

The Sensation XE is nicely kitted out, and it should be even more impressive come 2012 when it gets upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. But you don't have to wait until then to win the handset we're giving away.

To enter, just write a caption (in 30 words or less) for this picture of Senator Stephen Conroy and Kevin Rudd:

The caption we judge the most amusing will be the winner. Extra points for suitable technology references, and we won't give a prize to "And the knife was this big", because that's far too obvious. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 10am, so get cracking. Full terms and conditions here (and the handset as it ships is locked to Vodafone, if you were wondering).

Picture by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images


    Rudd-bot: "Help! My arms are malfunctioning! I need re-wiring!"
    Conroy: "That'll be $43 billion, thanks"

    Let us talk about the Red elephant in the Room

    Have you seen the size of iMacs these days, they're like this big.

    RUDD: "You comment on Lifehacker and you win a HTC phone.... You can't explain that"

    KR: "Stephen, when I am prime minister if you stuff up the NBN again I'll shove a cable this big up your arse."

    "You mean the Portal is THIS big?"

    KR: And my old 2400 baud modem was this big!

    SC: Gosh! Just one question Kevvy... what's a modem?

    KRudd: That internet filter needs to block these *flexes fists*

    Bet you have never seen these before, my boy, 'spirit fingers'

    Rudd: Got to undo your button and... HIP THRUST!
    Conroy: I got to try this!
    Rudd and Conroy together: NBN HELL YEAH!

    SC: Imma let you finish Rudd, but China has the biggest internet filer of all time.

    Stephen: What are Julia's thoughts on filtering internet porn?
    Kevin: She didn't seem so keen when I showed her how using my hands!

    Conroy, we need to talk now! I hear you are planning on filtering 3D Internet porn.

    Rudd: I don't know why all those people say you don't have the balls to filter the Internet

    KR :why to buy this much big tablet because every one thinks it can work faster just we need is HTC Sensation XE and it has Android in it.

    SC : HTC Sensation XE ! sounds like future android pc

    Senator Stephen Conroy: Why the u-turn on the boat people...
    Kevin Rudd: "silent"....... "s... happens "

    Emperor_Rudd: Then I said to Abbott "witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational NBN" and lightning shot out of my hands..
    Darth_Conroy: What is thy bidding, my master?

    So, for the last time, the XE connects to the internet using a THREE-GEE or HAICH-ESS-DEE-PEE-AY connection if you're away from your WHY-FI.

    Double post but I couldn't help it! (sorry for bad language but it is topical at least!)

    KR - "What do you think about that massive political s***storm?"
    SC - "f***ing fantastic"
    Julia Bishop (somewhere in background) - "Your language is highly inappropriate!!"

    Rudd: Stephen, for dropping the f-bomb on TV I'm going to bend you over like this! Only I get to swear on live TV!

    KR What you really need for the Mazda Stephen is a DVB-T Resun's a good brand, EB model, I think, it's about this wide...

    Got the new 3D TV, it was like a private lap dance.

    Rudd: Look Steve, I've got the whole world in my hands!
    Conroy: Do share!..

    Conroy: "She's turned her back on you because you stole her Nail Polish."
    Rudd: "I didn't steal it. It's in my pocket. I'll give it back as soon as my nails are dry!"

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