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Our week of giveaways continues. Today's prize is great for anyone hitting the road: we've got two SECU4Bags Alarm systems to win, courtesy of iWorld Australia.

The SECU4Bags Alarm maintains a Bluetooth connection with your phone or tablet . Place it in your laptop or travel bag and it will sound the alarm if the bag ends up more than a certain distance from your device, ensuring that the thief can't slip away unnoticed. You can customise the distance the alarm is activated at between 5 and 30 metres, and set the volume of the alarm at up to 100 decibels. Great for ensuring your bag isn't liberated in offices, airline lounges or on planes. (It works with both iOS and Android.)

To enter, tell us your worst lost or stolen luggage horror story. The two best entries (as determined by our judges) will each win a SECU4Bags Alarm, valued at $99.95. Entries close Thursday December 15 at 1:00pm, so don't delay! Full terms and conditions here.



    Went for holiday to Bali, and somewhere between Australia and Bali, a boogie board bag full of weed some how got put into my bag. It was terrible, I just wanted to go to Bali and enjoy myself, but now I'm imprisoned for not having better bag security!

    maybe self inflicted but once fell asleep at amsterdam airport. woke up minus my bag, including phone, wallet, passport or ticket. had to convince the airline and authorities to let me fly back to london. then had to wait at gatwick while they confirmed my identity. that was pre-iphone days but needless to say i would have needed it at 100 decibels to wake me at that point...

    I've never had my luggage stolen but I would love to get one of these for my backpacking trips around China. I've often had to avoid certain modes of transport in various cities and towns because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep for the 8 to 20 hours it would take to arrive at the destination due to needing to keep an eye on my bag. When you're backpacking everything you have is in that one (or sometimes two) bag(s). I've heard of friends who got on buses with their bags in the seat next to them, fell asleep and woke up to find it gone... on a bus!

    Guess I'll have to fork out the cash for one of these myself..

    After a great day in a corporate box watching the '99 Ashes at The Oval in London (cost me a bomb for the tickets), had my video camera stolen from my bag (which was sitting under the table) - losing all my photos and videos of the day! :-(

      See - if I still had my photos, I would have known it wasn't the '99 Ashes, but in fact the 2001 Ashes!

    One time, while I was flying around Australia, by bag went missing for about an hour at the Melbourne International Airport. When I finally got it back, someone had stuffed dozens of rare Australian birds and reptiles in there. I tried to tell airport security, but they didn't believe me. They called me names like "smuggler", "poacher", and "arsehole". Now I'm out on bail and waiting on my court date. Talk about a misunderstanding.

      I had a similar thing happen on my way to Bali with a boogie board...

    (For the record, this is pre September 2001...)

    My grandparents had just flown over from Holland to visit my family. We stopped to have a coffee at a cafe in Sydney Airport, and then left. Made it halfway down the M5 before my Grandmother realised she'd left her hand bag hanging on the chair at the cafe!

    Turn around and drive back to the airport to go get it, and being Sydney Airport, we don't want to have to park (again!) my sister (14/15 at the time) runs out of the car and notices the handbag is still there. (Huzzuh!)

    Just before she grabs it, she heard a gruff voice shout "YOU! Is this your hand bag?" and then she notices the bomb squad hanging around and that the entire area was empty. My sis replies "no, it's my grandmothers". The bomb squad guy gets her to open it, and get some identification out of it, of which there was none because it was all with my grandfather for exactly this reason!

    We're all in the car wondering what is taking so long, so we send Mum to check out what's going on. Thankfully with someone older (and with ID) there it was sorted out quickly, and we headed off with a tale to tell others :)

    Getting your bags lost is never fun. Especially when you're going on holidays. Try flying with ryanair and they loose your luggage, well you are royally fucked. They have to give you a daily amount of cash according to EU legislation, of course this didn't happen with me when I went to Barcelona. Ended up spending 400 euro's of my own money just to make it through till my luggage showed up. FUN TIMES! is this effective to 30m when Bluetooth only works to 10m?

    The new MacBook airs had been released, and I was a poor phd student whose laptop had basically stopped working entirely. So being a rampant macwhore I scraped together my last bits of cash (selling my violin in the process) and managed to procure enough money for a lovely new MacBook air! I then went slightly mad and thought "if I could get enough money for a laptop by selling my gear, what else could I buy if I sold even more stuff". So I sold my iPad and replaced it with a kindle dx (so much nicer to read scientific papers on). So a week after I have my brand new purchases, I take them to the library in my bag and stick them under my table while I am studying French out of a book. 30 minutes later I go to retrieve my laptop and my bag is gone - stolen from underneath the table. My laptop, kindle, and the last year of phd research is gone. Also I no longer have most of my possessions as I sold them to get my laptop and kindle.

    Picked up bag from customs bag collection and realised that it was torn apart on one edge. Immediately walked up to customs officer and said i do not take any responsibility for whatever is in there!

    Lost a bag traveling with my pyjamas in it. Had to sleep naked, worst night ever.

    Lost a bag traveling with my pyjamas in it. Had to sleep nude, worst night ever.

    I lost a bag with my pyjamas in it. I had to sleep nude that night. You can imagine how horrible that was.

    I used to be an adventurer like the people above, but then I took an arrow to the knee and all my treasure was stolen, including my Arch-Mage Robe

    Lost my SIM overseas; didn't realise till I got back. Ended up with a two grand bill when I got back because someone found it and was using it.

    Managed to get Optus to knock $800 off it, but still got stuck with a pretty awful bill.

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