Win A Copy Of Parallels 7 With Lifehacker

Our week of giveaways continues. On offer today? We've got five copies of Parallels 7, our favourite virtualisation app for Mac users and the easiest way to run Windows apps in a Mac environment.

To enter, just tell us which Windows app you can't live without on your Mac and why. The five best entries (as determined by our judges) will each win a copy of Parallels 7. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 1:15pm, so get going! Full terms and conditions here.


    Parallels would give me convenience AND give me death. Anatomy and Physiology Revealed is a Win app that strips back cadavers from fully skinned to just bones, with layers of muscles, brains, vessels and viscera in between. I thought I'd be freaked out by this stuff but it's totally absorbing and utterly essential for my Clinical Science course.

    I can't live without my Karateka emulator, complete with 8 bit sound. They just don't make games like they used to....

    Skyrim. Can't get through Christmas without killing some Christmas Dragons.

    Can't live without Internet Explorer because I need it to download Chrome!


    The 'Reveal Codes' function is amazing - it has a small window underneath the normal page area which is formatted terminal style showing you the 'code' behind the text.

    i.e, all formatting tags like font, size, bold, etc, tabs (differentiating between tabs and indents too), margins, objects such as pictures or tables - everything happening in the document is represented in the code window.

    You can interact with the code window too so you can select, cut/copy and paste tags and even include them in a search. You don't get such complete control of your document in any other word processor I've ever used and it feels like such a step backward using any of the main competitors.

    Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery. Not a week went by when one of the executives at work (or their assistants) forgot the password to their Excel file and I would end up running it overnight to try and recover it.

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