Win A Copy Of Parallels 7 With Lifehacker

Our week of giveaways continues. On offer today? We've got five copies of Parallels 7, our favourite virtualisation app for Mac users and the easiest way to run Windows apps in a Mac environment.

To enter, just tell us which Windows app you can't live without on your Mac and why. The five best entries (as determined by our judges) will each win a copy of Parallels 7. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 1:15pm, so get going! Full terms and conditions here.


    Basically every flavour of PLC and VSD programming software and logging utilities for my electrical test equipment, I have to take a macbook and a netbook to work everyday to make my job work.

    I can't live without Skyrim, but the missus and the dog can't live without me on the couch at night. If only I could play Skyrim on the MBP?

    I can't live without HeidiSQL, there's no other program on the Mac like it for SQL. There's plenty of other apps out there that have great or better OSX equivalent, unfortunately not for this one.

    I was going to say Internet Explorer, but then again no one should have to use that anyway.

    Virtualbox. So that I can run Linux from inside of windows which is run inside of parallels for Mac (...which runs within the matrix...)

    Internet Explorer. You cant escape from this necessary devil :(

    WINAMP LITE! Its lite, its quick, its tidy, it doesn't demand much of your system, it has a good EQ and its not iTunes!! :)

    Jolly phonics for my son, he loves learning with it - such fun and engaging learning for him helps to teach phonics and letter blending and sounds but windows based :( this would be awesome for both of us as he although only 5 can easily work my mac so it would be the best of both worlds for the two of us and he would feel far more comfortable doing his Jolly Phonics activitites.

    Can't love without Notepad++ for ultra fast development. Spend most of my day in it. Haven't found a speedier editor on the Mac.

    DVDprofiler ... all my DVD's and Blurays cataloged and searchable. Real shame there is no mac version - great program though.

    Windows 7. Using Parallels to run Windows 7 would mean not only showing non Mac users what a Mac can do, but also allow me to continue to develop viruses and trojans.... Oops I mean keep up to date with developments in Windows software.

    I can barely live without Beyond Compare and I could get by without Microsoft Money but I can't get off Adobe Dreamweaver without forking out the bucks for a cross-grade/upgrade so Windows on a Mac it is.

    Dammed etax for me - how else do I write off my shiny new macbook pro over the next few years? And I aint filling out forms by hand!

    The app I miss the most at home on my mac is Notepad++. I use it all the time at work and although there are a couple similar apps for Mac nothing comes close.

    I use web2book to put all my online research onto my ereader for greater portability. Would be great to not have to fire up the vm everyone.

    Since Windows 3.0 it's been the number one productivity killer, way before kitten videos were watchable online.
    Windows 98 came out with the Quick Launch bar for one-click Solitaire anywhere, anytime from any program. Not that it mattered since Solitaire was the only program running.
    Windows XP gave me peace of mind it wouldn't crash mid-game and Windows 7 gives me stats, win-loss ratios, save games, the whole shebang. Similar to Call of Duty Elite I guess. Give me Solitaire on Windows and I'll give you 52 reasons why I need a 20GB minimum partition on my hard drive.

    foobar 2000, because its simple, lightweight, highly customisable has great tagging features, supports heaps of codecs (including uncompressed exact cd copys) and its free, also it doesn't crash every 5 minutes

    I absolutly can't live without songsmith, I'm constantly using it for work and fun, it was the only thing stopping me getting a mac. Since I made the switch it's really affected my user expirience negatively.

    OneNote. I bought Office:Mac and I still need Windows to run essential programs. Also virtual box severely has its limitations.

    I can't live without Guild Wars on Windows because I feel like I've lost apart of my soul and I feel like I'm currently being chased by zombies. OH NO !

    (sung to the theme of without you_ I can't live if living is without Outlook; I can't give; I can't email anymore.

    I really cant live without my copy Arcsoft's Total Media 5. I use it to play Bluerays on my TV with my old laptop. I have been waiting agonisingly for when I can put it on a Mac.

    Simple Retail's Aquarius Dispensing for Pharmacy - I'm glad there's a dispensing program for pharmacy. The doctor's directions, patient details are entered (unless there is a repeat barcode), and a label and repeat forms generated.
    From what my boss says, 40 years ago, they typed labels up using a typewriter, licked the labels and stuck them onto the box. Kinda gross right?

    MS Visio - need it for process engineering work. It would be nice to ditch the old toshiba laptop...

    I can't live without songsmith, it's so useful!

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