Win A Copy Of Parallels 7 With Lifehacker

Our week of giveaways continues. On offer today? We've got five copies of Parallels 7, our favourite virtualisation app for Mac users and the easiest way to run Windows apps in a Mac environment.

To enter, just tell us which Windows app you can't live without on your Mac and why. The five best entries (as determined by our judges) will each win a copy of Parallels 7. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 1:15pm, so get going! Full terms and conditions here.


    Beyond Compare is sadly missing from the Mac ecosystem. I need this as it would give a far nicer way of comparing my versioned files. And eTax for sure.

    I cannot live without Quicken, as I cannot belive that the company have not written a mac based applciation as yet.

    MS Paint to quickly and crudely draw / modify stuff to upload on FaceBook.

    as John and Dave have said, unfortunately the ATO are yet to make their self tax app for the OSX. it's the only app I 'have' to run on PC...

    VectorNTI by Invitrogen. As a genetics postgrad, this program is invaluable for designing and virtualising experiments and analysing genome data. What's more, they recommend the use of Parallels to virtualise the program in Mac OSX!

    Domdomsoft Manga Download, why? Auto download Manga chapter, the only reason why I kept my old 7 years old Windows laptop running just this software.

    Microsoft Hearts. What else are you going to do at work?

    I can't live without eTax on my Mac! I know they are working on a web based solution, but until then I have to borrow another computer...

    I'm an engineering student, and I love my Mac. But unfortunately I need to use applications like Matlab and AutoCAD for uni, so a copy of Parallels would make my life heaps easier.

    ETAX!!! There is no way I'm filling in an archaic paper-based form simply because I'm on a mac

    Fruity Loops/FL Studio, and also Battlefield BC2!
    No eTax also sux

    Pretty much every PC AAA game! Unfortunately the majority aren't ported to mac. How can I go on without them?

    Treesize professional. Im a space junkie. I like to be able to break down directories as close to the bone as possible. I cant find anything even close to the power of this 'program' on OSX.

    Microsoft OneNote.
    It's one of the best note-taking applications out there, and isn't available on Mac! I've been wanting to switch to a Mac for ages, but I'm so used to using OneNote for university work. I've got a copy of Windows and I can grab a copy of Office:Mac for $99, and if I was to score a copy of Parallels 7 I would make the switch in a second! :)

    NevoStudio Pro for my Nevo S70 remote

    Definitely mobile device simulators - for Android and Blackberry. Being a mobile developer its great to be able to do all of your work with one computer.

    OneNote: All my school work is done using it on my convertible toshiba tablet. All the work is then synced to my mac via live mesh but it makes it hard having to boot into botcamp all the time.

    grassvalley EDIUS 6. Fast keyboard shortcuts, intuitive, realtime HD editing, can't live without EDIUS 6 just so disappointed it is only for windows. constantly switching between bootcamp on my powerhouse macbook pro. parallels would make my life and my work so much faster. i would love to only be in OSX.

    Shiva 3D........ multiplatform (Android/IOS/PC/MAC/Web) game dev has never been so much fun.

    foobar2000. best music player on a windows box. I'm sorry but iTunes does not even come close.

    Origin software (scientific graphical plotting) and eTAX.

    ConvertXtoDVD - Fast, brilliant software to give my burner a bit of a workout and keep the natives happy!

    I can't live without Office. We have an antiquated IT manager in our company who refuses to change over to the glory of Mac, so I'm stuck using Windows applications.

    The console for my heart/lung machine is Windows-only, I want to run this on my Macbook Pro because the battery life means in the event of a power outage, the power company would have about 10 hours to save my life or at least bring in a backup generator. If you think that I am just making this up to win a piece of software, you are a bad person.


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