Where Do Online Freelancers Come From?

Where Do Online Freelancers Come From?

Freelancing is a tempting route if you want more control over your career path, but just where will your competition come from? Freelance exchange site Freelancer.com recently signed up its 3 millionth user, and provided Lifehacker with some interesting statistics to mark the occasion.

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When ranking the site by users overall, the top five participating countries aren’t entirely surprising:

India: 26% United States: 15% Pakistan: 5% United Kingdom: 4% Philippines: 4%

However, there are somewhat different top five lists when it comes to employers versus employees. Here’s the employer rankings:

United States United Kingdom Australia Canada India

And here’s the employee list:

India United States Pakistan Bangladesh Ukraine

As an Australian freelancer, that’s mixed news: there are clearly people hiring from across the globe, but Australia’s dominance as a hirer doesn’t seem immediately matched with a similar number of local employees. More simply, it looks like lower-cost South-East Asian providers appeal more to local businesses.

Whether you can make a living this way might depend on the skills you offer. These are the busiest categories on the site, which is a two-edged sword: there’s plenty of demand, but competition will be tight:

PHP Website Design Graphic Design Data Entry Internet Marketing

Any move into freelancing requires careful consideration, but it can be a good way to earn extra money or kick-start a career.


  • And they suck deeply too.. Been using them on a couple occasions, and they always suck. Terrible communication skills, assuming to do something never agreed on, design something you never wanted, etc. The list is huge.

    There are, of course, good coders in India, butits a vast job to find them in the sea of bad people…

    Not saying many other countries are better, but I had it with these Indian people. Next I try from some other country.

  • Thats’s exactly Why we exist! We work hard to find good development companies in India who has some valid experience and can rely on. We offer local services for our Australia clients and take care of everything for them for a minimal extra cost of project management.

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