Vodafone Killing Bonus Bank Reward Scheme

Eighteen months after it launched, Vodafone is killing off its Bonus Bank mobile rewards scheme for prepaid customers. If you've been saving credits towards a new handset, you've only got until the end of December to redeem them.

The premise of Bonus Bank was simple: 10 per cent of every recharge you made was credited to your Bonus Bank account, and you could use that money to purchase a new handset. As we noted at the time, you'd have to spend a lot on recharges to get even the cheapest handset Vodafone offers. And now we've hit the other issue with rewards schemes of all kinds: they can change or disappear at any time.

Vodafone is doubling the amount of credit that gets added to Bonus Bank for recharges in December, giving you once last chance to up your total, but then is killing off the program altogether on December 31. If you haven't got enough credits to purchase a handset outright, you can put what you've got towards a phone and pay the difference in cash.

Anyone ever score a phone through Bonus Bank? Tell us in the comments.



    Why disolve the existing points at an arbitrary date? Why not just stop them from collecting and then allow for the standard 2 years that nearly all rewards points expire after....

    they killed $45 infinite plan also :(

      Ouch that sucks.. I'm on that plan and I love it... I've recommended that plan to others, hope they got on board before it was canned.

    That really sucks! Definitely not a good way to reward loyal customers.Just one more reason to never be a customer of Vodafail!
    My wife has been on this program for 18 months. The only phones she is even close to affording with her points are not worth having.
    Why don't Vodafail just curl up in a corner somewhere and die.

    Stupid scheme. As mentioned you need to be a huge spender to get a decent phone. I don't use my phone that much and my bonus points kept expiring. That and having no reception where I live hardly encourage customers to be loyal.

    Meh BB is stupid.
    I'm on the $30 cap, 500Mb is heaps on my phone and the unlimited txt messages is what I really need :)

    No other carrier has something like Bonus Bank - for one reason or another Vodafone has decided to conclude this reward program - big deal!
    They rewarded you for recharging as you would normally do anyways, it was a great scheme and you've got time still to get a discount on a phone @ chirstmas time.. Yes Vodafone has had probably the hardest year since its inception into the Australia market, but most companys face termoil now and again. They are spending more than 1 billion dollars to improve their network and thats face it, the network problems were because we all use our phones so much more these days and it caused congestion..its life! We are so stubborn and needy and expect a seamless mobile experience every time...Vodafone is the largest telco in the world, with an estimated 1 in 5 mobile users, connected to Vodafone..not bad eh...They are one of the most charitable companies ive ever come across, and their sponserships are second to none...give em a break!

    Fuck Vodafone, once my contract is up I'm off to Telstra for the 4S.

    BB is being replaced by a different rewards program for prepaid, and the 45 infinite was killed off, just upped to 50 p/m (still 29p/m cheaper than any unlimited plan you can get at either of the other major telcos)

    I'm on the BB Scheme, however here are the issue I have is that it is online only and only for a new handset (I have an iPhone 4, and I'm not giving this up for a normal handset).

    Vodafone should of allowed this credit to be converted to credit if you are prepaid (even if it occurred on 31/12/2011), allowed the credit to be used for accessories (need a new iPhone 4 case as my Speck Fitted Case has cracks).

    Allowed in-store purchases, its linked to your phone number/account so they could make reduce your balance with any purchase.

    John you said it is being replaced, if so with what and it needs to allow more than just a few handsets and have them as unlocked (instead of an additional charge) to reward program users.

    vodafone go suck 8===)

    $200 to waste ???

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