Visualise Concrete Details Of Major Goals To Help Realise Them

Visualise Concrete Details Of Major Goals To Help Realise Them

Maybe people know vaguely what they want, such as the desire to start a business, make more money, or find work that resonates with their values, but it can be difficult to nail down the specifics. Self improvement weblog Pick the Brain advises that you should visualise what an entire day would be like once you’ve achieved your goal so that you can better understand what that goal entails.

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Say you want to be a professional novelist. Visualise your entire workday from waking up, to meals, and going to bed at night. When would you write? (and for how long?) Would you shut the door and write in a four hour stream-of-consciousness or plan several half-hour intense sessions with breaks between? What time would you devote to answering fan email and working on business details?

Once you’ve figured the flow of your goal workday through visualisation you may find that the specifics of that goal that were once fuzzy have since become more concrete.

4 Things that Keep You from Your Goals [Pick the Brain via The Simple Dollar


  • things that keep you from your goals: reading self-help nonsense on the interweb instead of S’ingTFU and getting on with it

    this faux goal orientated we’ve turned into is just plain sad…do or do not, there is no try

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