Visual Hashing Makes Sure You Never Mistype Your Passwords In Firefox

Firefox: If you regularly mistype your password because you're in a rush, Visual Hashing will turn your password into a coloured hash to you can immediately see whether you've typed it correctly or not.

As you type your password, Visual Hashing displays four coloured boxes in the password field. As you type, the colours change, and your password will have a specific colour combination. That way, if you mistype it, you'll know right away, because the colours will be all off.

See the above image, for example — that's the hash for 123456789 (no, that's not my real password — geez!). Were I to add a 0 to the end, it would be four different shades of green instead.

Obviously, you wouldn't want to use this extension if someone were looking over your shoulder, in case they download the extension themselves and learn all your passwords by the colours they saw, but it can be handy for your home desktop, if you're the type to bang out your passwords a little too quickly.

Visual Hashing is a free extension, works wherever Firefox does.

Visual Hashing [Mozilla Add-Ons]


    Hmm, I'm a sceptic. I think we intuitively know when we mistype. I don't think this will provide any discernible advantage. Not for me anyway.

    Doesn't this kind of fly in the face of the advice not to use the same password on many different sites?

    My only problem with passwords is remembering which one I used on each site.. generally I have a good idea of whether it is one of three different ones but I have at least 20 different passwords that I might need to use on a daily basis.. Luckily most places will give you 3 attempts.. so I usually get it right within those 3 attempts :)

      Have considered using LastPass? It has extensions for every browser and works on just about every mobile platform (for US$12). Then you just worry about 1 password, nothing to forget.

    Lotus Notes has this type of functionality, you do notice out of the corner of you eye that something is different as you mistype your password.

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