Use Your Phone Camera To Find Your Glasses

For those of us with nearsightedness, there's usually at least one point in the day where we set down our glasses and can't find them. Reddit user Ziptyze solves this problem by using a mobile phone's camera to get a temporary clear picture of the world.It's a clever trick that works well in a pinch. If you have myopia, you can see close objects, so the phone camera operates like a tiny window into a world we can't normally see. You probably don't want to walk around with your phone planted three inches from your face all day long, but for those panic moments when you can't find your glasses it works great.

Waking up without glasses [Reddit]


    Just threw out my glasses.

    But what if you can't find your phone....

      Then you may need to put on your glasses.

    yeah but i still need to find my glas... oh.

    There's a hole in my bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry...

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