Two DIY Lamps Made From Glass Bottles

Nearly everyone uses glass bottles and needs lamps, so why not make a lamp out of a used bottle? Here are two ways you can get this project done, either with a traditional tungsten filament or a more modern LED.

Instructables user bkhurt created his LED gel-filled bottle lamp out of an empty wine bottle, a cork, some wire, blue and red LEDs, 220 Ohm and 100 Ohm resistors, a small toggle switch, and gel candle wax. You can pick up the gel wax at most craft stores. and the rest from your preferred electronic supplier. The bottle, of course, can just be any glass bottle you have lying around. You’ll also need a drill, a glue gun, a pot, food thermometer, and a few other tools to make this project happen, but despite the intimidating list bkhurt provides the project looks pretty straightforward.

Alternatively, Instructables user Random_Canadian has a tungsten filament-based bottle lamp if you prefer incandescent light. This project looks a little more complex and requires a vacuum pump — among other things — but definitely has a unique style and quality of light that some may prefer.

Either way, hit up Instructables for the detailed how-tos. Both projects can add give you an awesome new lamp while saving a glass bottle in the process.

Bottle Light Bulb AKA Bacardi Bulb and Wine Bottle LED Gel Lamp [Instructables]

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