The Most Popular Evolve Posts Of 2011

Each week, Lifehacker’s Evolve column looks at changes in technology and how they impact people who actually work in IT. Here are the most popular (and most discussed) instalments from 2011.

Why Don’t Employers Offer More Flexible Arrangements?
Everyone recognises that offering employees more flexibility in terms of their working hours and location can make them happier and more productive, but it often doesn’t happen. What’s getting in the way? According to experts, rusted-on business habits and inflexible pay systems.

Bitching About Your Employer On Facebook Can Get You Sacked
It should be obvious that making a public comment about your boss on Facebook might lead to trouble. A recent decision by Fair Work Australia underlines that if you misbehave online and get sacked, you might not much have much in the way of legal legroom.

Six Things Not To Do When You Run A Call Centre
Call centres are a major employer and a major user of IT. If you’re tasked with running one, or with helping to provide the technology systems used by one, here are six simple “don’ts” to bear in mind.

Where Are The Best-Paying IT Jobs?
If you work in IT, the amount of money you can earn is heavily influenced by two factors: the kind of work you do and the city where you work. Here’s what the latest statistics suggest are the hot areas and best-paying cities in Australia.

Android Isn’t Popular Yet With IT Managers
Lifehacker readers love Android, and current market share figures suggest it will soon be the biggest-selling smartphone platform globally. However, when it comes to choosing workplace phones, it still runs a distant third. What’s going on?

How Do Office 365 And Google Apps Compare On Price?
Microsoft officially rolled out its new Office 365 business suite earlier today. How does its pricing compare with its most visible rival, Google Apps?

How Much Does Education Matter To Your Job Prospects?
Your parents might have spent years persuading you of the value of an education, but when it comes to actually scoring a job, it seems most Australians believe that on-the-job training matters far more than your qualifications. Is that wise?

Female IT Staff Are Still Getting Paid Less Then Males
We know that what you get paid working in an IT job depends on both the role you choose and the city you end up working in. But there’s another entrenched factor which seems entirely unfair: female employees in tech earn less than their male counterparts.

Australian Workers Don’t Think Much Of Their Managers
Loving your job is a worthwhile goal, but not always a practical reality. For Australian workers, it looks like one of the most common reasons for disliking work is a poor opinion of senior management.

Does NFC Have A Future In Australia?
We’ve been hearing about near-field communication (NFC) as a way of making our mobile phones more useful for what feels like years. The recent arrival in Australia of phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and apps like the Commonwealth Bank’s Kaching make its potential much more visible. But are we ready to embrace the potential of NFC?

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

Here are the cheapest plans available for Australia’s most popular NBN speed tier.

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