Tag Your Bags With Your Destination Airport Code

Most airports attach a printed tag to your checked luggage with the airport codes of the origin and destination airports to ensure your luggage safely arrives at the correct location, but sometimes these tags are lost. Double the chance that your checked bags arrive at the correct airport by attaching your own destination airport code luggage tag.

Image: Becky Stern.

The easy and cheap way to do this is to attach a label with the the destination airport code to an old plastic membership card, punch a hole in the corner, and attach that to your luggage handle with a cable tie or keyring. Go ahead and make return labels and add them to your toiletries pouch — when you pack up to return to the airport, take the old label off and add the new one.

This way even if the airport's luggage tag is ripped off, airline staff can route your bag to the correct airport which will make reclaiming the bag a much easier and quicker prospect.

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    This is partly wrong.
    Conveyor belts do rip off tags (and zipper pulls and various other parts of baggage) so what to do about it?
    As an ex baggage handler, I'm going to say that a bag with only a passenger made destination tag with no other details is NOT going to get loaded onto an aircraft as is. It's against IATA regs and so is actually illegal for the baggage handler to do so. Proper re-identification and re-tagging the bag is the only way.
    If a bag reached the baggage room and is found with no airline tag or personal identification, the result is that there will be a terminal announcement for whoever owns that bag by description to come and identify it. If that doesn't work, the bag will be left behind and the passenger will be sure to ask for it at the destination.
    To be fair, in the original article the writer only says to do this in addition to "making sure your luggage has your proper contact information on it" A city code in addition to this would be useful. Just please get the code right, don't make it up.

    Yeah, kinda pointless. Airlines won't send bags without travtags, I've never met a handler who would and I've never signed off a loadsheet and handed it to the skipper knowing that there are untagged bags. It's just not worth the risk.

    Ive worked at several airports in my time & no way would i load a bag or sign off as described. Very silly for someone to even write it & it shows they dont have a clue, im not trying to be nasty but people really shouldn't give advise unless they have the experience to do so.

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