Stop Carrier IQ From Tracking Your iPhone

Carrier IQ has made quite a stir with its ability to track everything you do on your Android phone, and it turns out that it comes preinstalled on the iPhone as well — albeit a less dastardly version. Here's what it can do and how to turn it off.

Hacker Chpwn discovered Carrier IQ on the iPhone after this week's uproar, and while we still aren't positive what it can track and send, he's fairly certain it doesn't include a keylogger like the Android version. So far we know it can log your phone number, your carrier, your active phone calls, and your location, though it's unclear what it's actually sending back to Apple.

Luckily, there's an easy way to turn it off. Just head to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage, and tap "Don't Send". That's it! If you're curious about the more technical bits of this discovery, hit the link below.

Carrier IQ Is on iOS [Chpwn]


    I just looked and mine is turned off. Whether I turned it off before or not is beyond me.

    How is it unclear? Hit the Diag and Usage Data button in the same place and it shows you exactly what is being sent to apple.

    is this only ios5? cause mine doesnt have Diagnostics and Usage on v4

      CarrierIQ only exists on pre-iOS 5 devices. They've changed it so that you can opt out in iOS 5.

      Details, and statement from apple here:

        Update: Unsure how accurate that source is.

    Mine is turned off, I think I may have turned off when exploring the new features of IOS5.
    "About Diagnostics and privacy' available on the same screen covers why, and what.
    No mention who pays for the data charges when they upload that information. In My data and data accessed, it looks like every 15 min from 0032 am to 417am this morning it prepared a data accessed report for up to 28 pages of iphone screen scroll - so all those stories of peoples phones that are eating into their download limits when they aren't even using the phone are making a heck of a lot more sence now aren't they?

    Hmm. Better turn this off in case Apple decide to sew me to someone else's butt. (SouthPark Reference)

    During the iPhone set-up (On iTunes & the iPhone itself on iOS5) there is an option to enable or disable this 'feature'.

    Mine was turned off by default (iphone 4] latest ios.

    Meh... big deal.. it's not as if they don't already know where I am... via mobile towers and GPS... and who I call... when I call them, and who I text, and what I text them... and basically everything else I do on the phone that sends or receives data.... they have to... to know what I want, and what I need back...

    But I will turn it off though.. if it's even on... just so I can still sit at the cool-kids table on Xmas day... ;)

    Also to note on iPhone (iOS 5.0.1 running), on that page where you can disable sending data you can also easily view the data that is to be sent. Assuming that it's honestly all the data gathered, it really doesn't seem that bad.

    Most of the reports were 'low memory' reports, that just had some info on my phone model/ios versions etc, and a list of running processes with some hashes. Even the report about 'Messages' just seemed to be a day's worth of send and receive message times, some with a bit of metadata like whether there were attachments or not, if it failed to send and stuff. Seems fairly harmless.

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