St George Adds Term Deposits To Mobile Site

Not everyone likes term deposits, but they can be a good way to earn more interest on your spare cash. St George has added the capacity to open term deposits via its mobile sites, making it easier to jump if you find an interest rate attractive.

The feature also works on the mobile sites for Bank of Melbourne and BankSA, both effectively sub-brands of St George, which itself is owned by Westpac. It's still more potentially useful to existing customers than new ones, since if you aren't already with the bank you'll need to provide ID before signing up. Tempted by the thought of setting up term deposits via your mobile? Think this should be built into an app rather than just on the site? Tell us in the comments.

St George


    Yeah.. tried it as am a banksa guy.. but can't seem to find anything relating to it on the app.. was a fresh install too .. not sure what is going on..

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