Spendful Tracks Your Finances And Helps Budget

One of the common problems with finance software is that it needs to link with your bank account to give you useful financial information. If the thought of authorizing another webapp to see your financial data makes you queasy, try Spendful, a new service that offers transaction tracking and budgeting tools to help you figure out where your money is going, just without the link to your bank.

The developer behind Spendful started the service because he was having a hard time tracking his own funds, and he wanted an easy way to find out where his money was going, without frills, advertisements, and special offers. Spendful does just that — it's fairly basic, but its strength is in its simplicity. Just tell the service what your income for a specific month is, and you're left to track your transactions on your own. The webapp then automatically replenishes your budget on a regular basis.

It's not as feature-rich as more complex apps that do the same thing and more, but if you're looking to step up from a spreadsheet but not so far that you need tutorials to help you figure out your money management tool, Spendful is worth a look.



    YNAB for me.

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