Seven Key Facts About What Aussies Do Online

Seven Key Facts About What Aussies Do Online

The annual Communications Report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority offers a wealth of statistics about how we get online and what we do when we get there. Here are the seven which stuck out for us.

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We’re downloading more

Back in July, ACMA reported that the typical Australian downloaded just 6GB a month. It now calculates that number at 25.1GB — a lot higher, but still indicating that the majority of Aussies are not maxing out their connection downloading new episodes of Glee or Doctor Who or Come Dine With Me.

TV downloading is still uncommon

Confirming that point, the report also suggests that 1 million Australians are regularly downloading TV, up from 0.8 million the previous year, but still a relatively rare option. Perhaps more remarkably, only 1.1 million regularly watch streaming services. We like iView.

There are still more mobile services than people

Right now, the population of Australia is approximately 22.7 million, but new data from the suggests there are 29.8 million mobile services active throughout the country. Note that this is services rather than phones. Which makes sense when you consider that . . .

There’s a lot of mobile broadband going on

There are now 4.79 million mobile broadband services. That’s more than the number of ADSL services (4.49 million), but as ever it’s worth pointing out that this doesn’t mean mobile is the future and home connections are dead, since ADSL services are far more often shared that mobile broadband.

We don’t use mobile broadband for big files

The report also points out that 93 per cent of data is downloaded through fixed line rather than mobile services. The total volume of data downloaded by Australians in the June quarter was 274 terabytes, but just 19TB of that came from mobile broadband.

Not everyone has net access on their phone

There are 14.8 million mobile service subscriptions which don’t have any Internet access, compared to 9.7 million that do.

50 per cent of Australians go online once a day

How on earth are the other 50 per cent running their lives?



  • Having one mobile for business/work and a separate mobile for home/work is quite common, so that could also explain (in part) the amount of mobile services vs population.

  • How on earth are the other 50 per cent running their lives?

    They’re computer illiterates and proud of it. With tradies who might not even have a school leavers certificate earning 150K in the mines, there is admittedly a supply and demand argument regarding Internet skills. In many areas of the country, they’re just not as valuable as other skills, and are completely unnecessary for driving a truck or welding a bucket. We see this a lot in regional Queensland. WA apparently experiences this phenomenon as well.

    • I can confirm this, I work as a project coordinator in the mining industry and I’d say about 50% of my work is helping people use computers, simple stuff like fill in the blanks in an electronic form or word doc.

      Mind you its all about priorities most of the guys I work with struggle to enter an electronic timesheet but are able down load hrs of porn.

      • who says we tradies are computer illiterate?, at least once a week i have to go into the office at work and show one of the white collar degree holding staff how to use computers

  • 50% of Australians go online once a day? The ACMA article *actually* says 60% more than once a day, not 50% once a day. So maybe some of that remaining 40% go online exactly once a day…

  • ” 29.8 million mobile services active”

    I assume that Is that measured by active SIM cards?

    Personally I contribute 4 active SIM cards:
    Mobile Phone, iPad, 4G USB mobile broadband, Pre-paid mobile broadband.
    If only I wasn’t stuck on congested ADSL1….

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