Repurpose An Old IKEA Bed Into A Wine Rack

Jeremy Walworth noticed that his neighbour left his old wooden IKEA bed frame on the kerb and asked for the wood so it wouldn't end up in a landfill. With the wood, some glue and some elbow grease, he turned what looks like an old MALM bed frame into a decent-looking wine rack that wouldn't look out of place in a basement or a dining room.We're not saying you should run out and buy an IKEA bed just to make this hack — that would be a pretty expensive wine rack — but if you do have an IKEA bed frame, you know that they often fall apart when you move house (my MALM is guilty of this), so when it comes time to replace it, this is a much better use for the wood than tossing it out with the trash.

Jeremy cut the bed posts to make the standing sides and the horizontal shelves for the wine bottles, and even repurposed the bed's hardware and screws to secure the shelves to the sides. He even went the extra mile to pick up some cheap "screen bead", or thin moulding, to glue onto the shelves to keep the bottles in place. This hack may not be the most accessible — after all, not everyone is going to stumble on an old bed they'll feel comfortable reclaiming — but it does show you how far a little wood and some effort can go.

IKEA Bed Repurposed into a Wine Rack [Jeremy S Walworth via Hack a Day]


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