Qantas Eases Conditions For Grounding Refunds

Qantas Eases Conditions For Grounding Refunds

Qantas was quick to offer refunds to some customers after its dramatic grounding last month, but did it go far enough? Following intervention by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the airline has made its conditions for refunds slightly less onerous.

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After discussions with the ACCC and state consumer agencies, Qantas has made two alterations to its conditions, as the ACCC announcement highlights:

In particular, Qantas has extended its offer of refunds and compensation for reasonable losses to any consumer that was affected by the grounding. Previously, this had been limited to only those consumers with flights up to and including Wednesday 2 November and did not necessarily extend to consequential loss.

You’ll still need to apply to Qantas for a refund of other expenses, but it’s an improvement. (This is quite separate to the offer of free fligjts Qantas has made to impacted customers.)



    • IANAL – but I believe if you bring your case to court, and it is clear that the loss is direct result of Qantas flight cancellation, and you have attempted enough ways to counter it and still in damage, you have good case against them.

  • It’s easy for Qantas to offer these refunds, it’s another thing for them to actually pay up. I have been out of pocket $1,500 for replacement flights since 30th October. It’s now 21st December, I don’t think I’ll be seeing that money for Christmas, thanks for nothing Qantas. I am sure there are some families who are struggling this Christmas because of this.

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