Pour Vinegar Over Frozen Meat To Speed Defrosting

Need to thaw some frozen meat? Tips and tricks blog Lifehackery recommends pouring a cup or so of vinegar on the frozen flesh. The vinegar will lower the freezing temperature of the meat so it will begin to thaw more quickly, and the acid in the vinegar will break down connective tissues, making the meat more tender.

Photo by Paul Joseph

You can always rinse the vinegar off the meat once defrosted, though in some dishes (such as those using pork) the vinegar may add a nice flavour on its own. For other fast defrosting tips, try a frying pan or a washing machine.

50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen [Lifehackery]


    That post has the old wives tale of putting mustard on a burn?!?!? I thought that was debunked twenty years ago? Time-tested my vinegar soaked, mustard covered arse!

    I think you will find that the freeze point with vinegar makes no difference if the meat is already frozen as the vinegar will have to penetrate the meat which it wont.

    Fail. Do not come in my kitchen!

    If you put acid in your eye, by the time you return from hospital, your meat will be defrosted.

    works every time.

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