ONEmobile Is A Very Costly Prepaid Option

ONEmobile Is A Very Costly Prepaid Option

Offering a “funky” youth brand is standard practice for prepaid mobile operators: Optus does it with Boost and (to a lesser extent) Virgin Mobile, while Red Bull is a similar offering on Vodafone. ONEmobile ploughs the same furrow, but under the cool branding is a very ordinary offer indeed.

I am manifestly not part of the ONEmobile target market, so offering a site which says “My Deets” instead of “account” and “Nuffies” instead of “Help” leaves me cold anyway. Having an Android app which lets you recharge is neat but, ultimately, not essential. But what really horrifies me are the rates charged by this service (which also uses the Optus network, though it isn’t owned by Optus).

Take the $19 cap. While this includes $100 of “credit”, the call rates are high: a 40 cent connection charge and then 90 cents per minute or part thereof. That means $1.30 every time you make a call. Internet browsing rates on that plan are also high (30 cents per MB or part thereof). Some of the other plans have cheaper call rates, but much less credit.

It’s no effort at all to find better value. Using the same network for prepaid customers, Amaysim charges 15 cents a minute with no flagfall, and data at 5 cents per MB — a much better deal. Even Boost Mobile (which I rarely single out for offering value) has much better short term deals. Definitely one to avoid.



    • Even UD doesn’t have “Nuffies”. It has “Nuffie”, which is a slightly less intelligent person (I guess like a nuff nuff?). I don’t have much faith in a company that offers help from “someone who is slightly less intellegant than the average person. this may range from being the last person to get a joke to someone who is mentally impared in some way.”

  • Amaysim? I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them.

    I spent a whole night reading through their contract wordings for my sister-in-law’s POSTpaid plan. Charged for every 30 days of use, billed once a month = every now and then on a 31 day month there will be a double charge on the bill.

    THEN the customer care line attempted to explain that the way their POST-PAID (reasonable translation PAID AFTER) account billing system works is that the first bill is paid BEFORE the first month of use, then every month after that….. ummmmmm….?

    … then add all the double billings, and the “computer glitch” where they found it reasonable to triple bill…. reasonable company?…. I… think… not….

  • Certainly on price and value the lower level plans don’t offer enough and the data element is quite low, too low. Speaking to the owners they say they have done the research and that is what their target market is after. There some heavy promotion a few weaks ago. I hope they got their numbers because it will be a difficult and expensive road ahead to grow them.

  • Anyone with a smartphone wanting to get the most affordable prepaid, I’d recommend Woolworths Mobile. They currently have a promo where you can join on the $29 cap for 15.50 which includes $500 credit (250 for optus/250 for everyone else) and 5gb of data (10mb increments) for 45 days.
    Now with skype, viber and whatsapp on phones, texting and calls can just come out of the massive amount of data you’re given (rather than the inflated cap rates u get).
    You also get a 10% discount if you are a woolworths everyday rewards card holder. I basically calculated that if you use up the full 45 days and get all the discounts, you essentially pay $17.40 a month.

    Also being a sydneysider, I only heard the term “nuff nuff” when I moved to melbourne for a few years, so it could be a Melbourne thing.

    • “Also being a sydneysider, I only heard the term “nuff nuff” when I moved to melbourne for a few years, so it could be a Melbourne thing.”

      Could well be. I live in Melbourne and have certainly known the term for a good 20 years or so.

  • It’s almost as expensive as what I am paying on Virgin. Something like 30 cents connection and 99 cents per minute with only $50 credit paying $19 a month – but this is with a free phone too.

  • But wow, what a poorly designed site. If I came to this site not knowing it was a phone company, I would leave as I wouldn’t know what the site is about.

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