Most Popular Travel Posts Of 2011

Our travel advice on Lifehacker covers everything from business travellers and budget backpacking, both in our Road Worrier column and in regular posts. As the end of the year rapidly approaches and your editor contemplates jumping on yet another train, here are the ten most popular travel stories from 2011.

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The Pros And Cons Of Qantas’ New Dallas Routing
From May 16, Qantas will begin direct flights between Australia and Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), marking its first non-stop route to the USA that doesn’t land on the west coast. Road Worrier looks at the good and the bad consequences that will flow from that decision.

How To Dodge Fares When Using Public Transport
Need to catch a train but you’ve lost your wallet? Can’t afford a new weekly bus ticket until pay day? Here are some sneaky emergency strategies that you can use to try and score a free trip.

Top 10 Ways To Get A Flight Upgrade
What’s better than a fabulous holiday overseas? A fabulous holiday that kicks off with a complimentary upgrade so you don’t have to endure the journey in cattle class. Here are 10 tried and tested ways to make that more likely.

Can Australian Customs Search The Contents Of Your Laptop?
Dear Lifehacker, I’m flying to Australia next month to take part in an university exchange program, and I was wondering what is the customs officers’ policy regarding laptops and external HDDs arriving through Sydney airport: I’ve heard that in the US airport security can actually check the files in your laptop, and I would like to know if something similar has happened in Australia

10 Best Tactics For Finding Cheap Flights In Australia
The future for Tiger Airways in Australia looks anything but certain, but that doesn’t mean that you have to suddenly cough up hundreds of dollars more to fly. Here are our 10 best time-honoured tactics for ensuring you can hit the skies for less.

The Best Travel Apps For iPhone
Your iPhone is always with you, so it makes for a great travel companion when you need all kinds of information about the places you visit. Here are our favourite travel apps to help make your holidays a breeze.

Ultimate Hotspot Shows Telstra Next G Is Feeling The Strain
Telstra’s Next G network is generally held to be the fastest mobile option in Australia. However, my recent testing on the Ultimate high-speed option confirms what many people have been suspecting: as more people sign on, its performance is declining.

When Does Flying Business Class Make Sense?
It can be harder than ever to persuade cash-strapped management to pay up the extra money required for a business-class seat. Here are some scenarios where it still makes sense, despite the high price tag.

Ask LH: Can I Check In Online And Not Print My Ticket?
Dear Lifehacker, I travel regularly and was wondering if you could clear up a question regarding e-ticketing. When away in another state I often want to check in online to ensure I can get the seat I want but can’t because I don’t have a printer to print the e-ticket on. Can the e-tickets be scanned from a smart phone or iPad by the check-in staff?

The Complete Business Travel Packing List
Packing minimally is a sensible approach to business travel, but which items are so important you can’t afford to leave them behind? We highlight the most important requirements as Business Travel Week continues.

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Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman doesn’t think Sydney Airport will consider him a stranger any time soon. His Road Worrier column, looking at technology and organising tips for travellers, appears each week on Lifehacker.

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