Most Popular Top 10s Of 2011

Lifehacker has been around for a few years, so every week we like to round up some of our favourite posts — new and old — on a particular topic. Here’s a look back at our most popular top 10 lists of 2011.

Top 10 Gaming Hacks And DIY Projects

We love our games and consoles, but there’s a big world that lies beyond the product you pull out of the box. Your console is capable of so much more than you may realise. More »

Top 10 Ways To Turn Your Retired Gadgetry Into The Technology Of The Future

With the rapid progression of technology each year, it’s easy to accumulate a pile of obsolete gadgets that you just can’t bear to get rid of. So don’t! More »

Top 10 Solutions To Real Life’s Most Annoying Problems

You’re fat, in debt, bite your nails, live in a filthy hovel you call an apartment, can’t find a decent job, and your life sucks. Well, maybe it isn’t that bad, but if you could stand to improve things in one area or another we can help. More »

Top 10 DIY Space-Saving Household Projects

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or just have too much stuff, there’s likely a lot of space you aren’t using, like your walls, your ceilings, or the nooks and crannies in your furniture. More »

Top 10 Gmail Labs You Should Enable

As if Gmail wasn’t powerful enough, you can find all sorts of goodies and extra features in Gmail Labs. The list is pretty massive, so we’ve narrowed down our 10 favourite labs to help increase your email productivity. More »

Top 10 Awesome Android Features That The iPhone Doesn’t Have

We love both Android and iOS, but the open nature of Android just means it can do things others just can’t. Here are our favourite Android apps and features that you won’t find on its Apple-clad brethren. More »

Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Train, Exercise And Better Your Brain

While we’re always using our brains, we’re not necessarily doing much to keep them in good shape. Here are the top 10 sites and tools to train your brain and exercise your mental muscles. More »

Top 9 Gadgets You Should Have In Your Go Bag

We share a lot of cool gadgets around here, but there are a few tech essentials we think should be in every geek’s laptop bag. Here are the nine coolest (and most useful) gadgets you should always have with you. More »

Top 10 Secret Features In Mac OS X Lion

Lion came out this year, and there was a lot of new stuff to explore. Apple tells you about most of it on their web site, but there are still some secret features you’ll want to know about. More »

Top 9 Things Every Budding Foodie Should Know

So you’ve decided it’s time to learn your way around the kitchen, but you don’t really know where to start. From knife basics to budget stretching to proper food storage, here are the most important things you’ll want to learn as you become a master chef. More »

Top 10 Repair Projects You Should Never Pay For

Things break down, whether due to accidents, negligence, or just plain wear and tear. Instead of shelling out for an expensive repair or replacement, though, you can often fix the problem yourself for much less. More »

Top 10 Tech Concepts You Always Wanted To Learn About (But Never Did)

We’re busy people, and even the most savvy of us sometimes just don’t have the time to learn about every odd and end in the tech world. Here are our favourite explainers on things you’ve probably heard lot about, but never really knew. More »

Top 10 Clever Uses For Spare Thumb Drives

Chances are you’ve accumulated a few spare thumb drives over the years, choosing new ones thanks to better form factors and increased capacities. But what do you do with the old ones that are just lying around? More »

Top 10 Ways To Rock Your Resumé

Whether you’re looking for a new job or just pruning up your paperwork, one of the keys to nabbing the job you want is creating a successful resumé. Here are our top 10 ways to make sure yours stands out. More »

Top 10 Products You Don’t Need to Buy (Because You Already Have Them In Your Home)

We spend loads on all sorts of cleaning, health, and other household products at the store every week, but quite often you can get the same jobs done with less obvious products already in your house. More »

Top 10 Ways To Speed Up Windows Boot Time

If there’s one thing everyone dreads, it’s rebooting their computer. It may only take a minute or two, but it can seem like forever. Here are our top 10 tweaks that’ll make it boot a little faster. More »

Top 10 Clever Uses For The Cloud

The “cloud” is where we’ve been sharing our lives and storing our files for awhile now, but with so many cloud services there’s much more you can do that may not have crossed your mind. More »

Top 10 Secret Agent Security Tips And Tricks

If you’re a regular Lifehacker reader you know we think security is pretty important, but you might not be aware of how cool it can be. If you’re looking to upgrade to secret agent mode, here are 10 great ways to do it. More »

So there you have it: our best top 10s from the past year. Whether your favourite of the year made the list or not, we’d love to hear which collections you enjoyed you the most in the comments.

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