Merry Christmas From Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker isn't shutting down altogether over the Christmas break — our hard-working weekend editor Logan will keep the content flowing, and I'm back on deck from December 28. But we will be slowing down a little to reflect the fact that it's time for a break, people! Thanks everyone for reading and sharing your comments throughout 2011, and I hope your Christmas goes swimmingly. Picture from IKEA Hackers


    Have a good break

    <3 your work, Gus :)

    I hope yourself and everyone at Allure have a good break!

    Enjoy your break, you do deserve it.

    Enjoy your break while it lasts. Hope you're all going to pitch in for case of Logan's finest beverage ;).

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all ... Reddit!

    Thanks for all the tips and tricks over the year, much appreciated, even the bad tips, haha...Merry Christmas everyone

    Enjoy you're time.

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